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Pushkin city (The Tsarskoye selo). Catherine Palace.

Immersed in greenery, friendly and cozy, this city - a suburb of St. Petersburg has a bright sonorous name - Pushkin since 1937, in connection with the 100th anniversary of the death of the Great Russian poet. In the past, for almost two centuries, the summer grand residence of Russian emperors - Tsarskoye Selo. The three-story Palace now ran in an almost unbroken line for over 300 meters. 80 huge French windows were set in a row decorated with balconies and separated by Giants supporting the columns.100 kilos of gold was used to decorate the palace.

St Petersburg Subway/Metro stations

Entering the St. Petersburg metro, you can easily confuse the station with a magnificent palace hall or lobby of a five-star hotel. This is not surprising! In Soviet times, subway stations were built as palaces for ordinary people. This tradition was received by the architects in the post-Soviet period. Built in the characteristic for the era style, the pompous and monumental stations of the first stage of the metro became a grandiose embodiment of the Soviet idea in architecture, a symbol of the greatness and power of the state that created them.

City Tour. Sightseein Excursion

Being the capital of Russia for two centuries, Saint Petersburg was built according to master plans with the participation of the most talented architects of Europe and Russia. As a result, we can now enjoy the open-air museum, the historical center of St. Petersburg and some of its suburbs are included in UNESKO World Heritage List. Petersburg is a city with a rich history and cultural heritage.

The Spilled Blood Church (Christ Resurrection)

It is a monument of the Russian architecture in the spirit of romantic nationalism that dates back to the beginning of the 20th centuries. It was built on the site at which Emperor Alexander the 2nd was fatally wounded. Because of this the cathedral is more often referred to as the Spilled blood church. The most important and unique feature in the decoration is the mosaic images and compositions. Their whole area totals over 7,000 square meters, which is one of the largest collections of monumental mosaics in Europe.

St. Isaak's Cathedral and colonnade

The cathedral is named after reverend Isaac the Dalmatian, a Byzantium monk because on May 30th the remembrance day is also the day of birth Peter the Great, the founder of Saints Petersburg and the first Russian emperor. The fourth and the last version of the church is the cathedral itself, recognized as a masterpiece of the 19th century’s architecture, by the design proposed by the French architect, August de Montferrand. The interior design of the cathedral can astonish with the perfection of shapes’ execution, at the same time, the numerous pieces of art, the combination of colorful gems and gilding.