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Hi, I am Anna Gaplichnaya, local English-speaking tour guide in St Petersburg Russia.
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I’m 34-year-old with a degree in the specialty of “linguist, translator” and sufficient skills and knowledge to offer you one of the best guided tours in St Petersburg.

I’ve been working as a guide-interpreter for years and confirm my professionalism, possessing necessary licenses for tours in the main museums of St Petersburg and its suburbs, as well as accreditation at the City Tourist Information Bureau.

I am fond of history, architecture, arts and literature. One of my greatest hobbies is travelling. I’ve visited about 50 Russian cities from Kaliningrad to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Thus, truly understand how important the work of a guide is for the best impressions of the surroundings.


I offer you private tours of the most interesting, beautiful and special places of our city.

Personal tour is an opportunity to plan your route according to own interests and needs, get help in choosing sights to watch and visit, adjust a tour at any time, ask questions, communicate with a friendly and knowledgeable local, and, of course, make the best photos.

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