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Places, traditions, attractions of St Petersburg

«Scientia potentia est» is translated from Latin as “the knowledge is the power”. So here is your source of power – a lot of interesting historical, geographical, social and other facts about St Petersburg, its places, people and attractions. Read about Russian traditions, prejudices and stereotypes that foreigners might have, as well as about city events and sights. Ask questions if you have any, and let’s explore Saint Petersburg together during a private tour.

Traditional Russian holidays Traditional Russian holidays

You should see Russia yourself to dispel myths about this country. Bitter winter days will become a good background which will help you to take in the country spirit. In winter, you’ll realize why vodka is a national Russian drink. Walking along the Red Square or the windy embankment of the Neva river, going to […]

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Scarlet Sails neva river Scarlet Sails: beautiful show on Neva

Scarlet Sails is the name of an annual celebration that takes place on Vasylievskiy Island and the Palace Square. It always happens at the end of June on the day when all of high school seniors from all secondary schools of St. Petersburg graduate. Lots of tours, specific to this celebration, are organized across St […]

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Scarlet sails salut The celebration of the New Year’s Day 2019 in Saint Petersburg

City celebrations Palace square Sennaya Ploschad (Sennaya square) Nevsky Prospekt Banquets in restaurants and hotels Tours Skating rinks and ski tracks Celebrating New Year’s Day on the ship Saint Petersburg is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. That is why a lot of people from different countries come here […]

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