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Arriving to the city and moving around it is among the first things to get knowledge of when travelling to another country. That’s what you can learn from this page: ways to get to/ from Pulkovo airport, the most comfortable public transport in St Petersburg, transportation fares and fast routes. Get to know possible bus, metro, tram, trolley, minivan stops located next to this or that tourist attraction. Read the rules of using transportation card, car sharing options in Saint Petersburg and obtain general tourist information. Write directly in case of any questions.

Pulkovo Airport Main Terminal Pulkovo Airport

Pulkovo Airport is located 23 kilometers from the center of Saint Petersburg and is the third in Russia in terms of traffic after Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo. In December 2013, an important event happened in the life of St. Petersburg – the new terminal of Pulkovo Airport received its first passengers. The area of the aprons […]

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Stairway Underground Subway / Metro

St. Petersburg metro is the most popular public transport, and at peak times, it is simply indispensable. In the St. Petersburg subway is easy to navigate, it is convenient to return to the missed stop, there are no long intricate transitions. It is easy to find a metro station – there will be a sign […]

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