According to many forum discussions, Russia may truly sound and look scary for foreigners. There are worries about the language issues, some instabilities cause by stereotypes rather than common sense. Anyway, Saint Petersburg is not as scary as some might think. And when you get to know the system a bit better, you’ll feel even more relaxed. So here are some contacts you can use in case of emergency:

  • All services: 112
  • Fire: 101
  • Police: 102 (for English speakers: 164-9787)
  • Ambulance: 103

If you unfortunately get sick during your stay in Russia or some accident occurs, better address a private clinic. In Saint Petersburg some of them have English-speaking staff.

If you have some very serious problems while travelling, you definitely need to contact the consulate of your home country. All info should be easy to find online at your country embassy webpage.

Do not hesitate to contact people on the streets or in public places in case of emergency. The residents of Saint Petersburg are well-known for their readiness to help. Otherwise, I wish you a safe and sound stay!