Measures to counteract coronavirus infection in St. Petersburg are constantly being tightened and supplemented. Unlike other regions, we do not yet have a universal regime of self-isolation (it is forbidden to leave the house only to people 65 years and older).

However, most Petersburgers are advised not to leave their homes until April 5, 2020, with the exception of going for groceries or to a pharmacy, an urgent trip to the hospital, taking out the garbage, walking the dog. Moreover, the recommendations do not apply to those who work in accordance with the presidential decree, as well as “carry out activities not suspended by the resolution”.

For example, delivery service employees. Therefore, if you are at home and want to minimize your movement around the city and contacts with other people, I decide put together several delivery services for you working in St. Petersburg. Unfortunately, most of them are only in Russian, but you can navigate by pictures and logos.

Yandex.Eda is a popular online delivery service

Food delivery in Saint Petersburg

Everything from fast food to cafes and restaurants is collected there:

  • Yandex.Eda
  • Delivery Club
  • Own restaurant chain delivery service Ginza Project

Delivery of products

Get all the products you need from different shops and markets of Saint Petersburg:

  • iGooods
  • Perekrestok
  • Okey
  • Vo-market

Online order and delivery of various goods

  • Ozon
  • Beru

Alcohol delivery

  • Winelab
  • AM wineshop
  • Vinissimo

Goods for pets

  • Petshop
  • Le’Muur

Take care of yourself and your loved ones, stay healthy and cheerful. We all hope and believe that the spread of the epidemic can be stopped in the near future.