Presenting flowers is a common tradition in Russia. People usually use bouquets as a gift for different holidays, such as International Women’s Day and birthdays, or just for dates or when going to guests. It is much more common to present flowers to women rather than to men, unless they are some famous actors or singers. As people like both giving and getting these beautiful gifts, there are many flower shops in every city, especially in Saint Petersburg.

Flower delivery

When you want to surprise any of your friends or relatives in Saint Petersburg, while staying abroad – flower delivery service is a great option. There are both local and international providers, but I suggest sticking to locals as the prices are much lower, whereas the variety of flowers and bouquets is greater.

Here are some online flower shops:

  • L’flowers: sells flowers, macarons and sweets, balloons and toys. Free delivery on orders over 2500 rubles.
  • Vkus i Tsvet: specializes on creating various compositions. Free delivery on orders over 5000 rubles (depending on the zone of delivery).
  • Joy: has a wide range of fresh flowers, as well as postcards and interior elements. Free delivery all over Saint Petersburg.
  • Flowers Expert: traditional bouquets as well as creative boxes with flowers, fruit and jams/ honey – they are all here. Free delivery – over 4000 rubles per order.
  • Flower Bunker: the shops provides delivery services all over the world and has both cut and potted flowers to send. The delivery must be paid, but overall prices are very affordable.
  • Kupit Tsvetov: not expensive, but still beautiful flowers on sale. The delivery costs 350 rubles.

There are many more online flower shops. However, these mentioned above have nice offers at reasonable pricing. Some platforms are English and easy to utilize.

If you want to buy flowers yourself somewhere around Saint Petersburg, look for a sign “ЦВЕТЫ” (in English: flowers/ pronounce: tsvety). You won’t mix these shops with anything else. They are beautiful as always.

For more shopping related matters, visit this page. Hope you have a beautiful stay in Saint Petersburg!