St Petersburg is a city that never sleeps, so there you can get food and drinks all day and night long. Grocery shopping in St Petersburg is not a big deal. Apart from large shopping malls and stores, there are also many small 24/7 shops, but you should be ready to have some cash in rubles. Also prepare in advance and know what you want, because cashiers might speak only Russian.

As for supermarkets, there is plenty of such in the city center and suburbs. They vary from very low-cost local stores to huge complexes, also include famous international chains as well as Russian brands. For instance, Stockmann, Auchan, Prisma, Perekrestok, O’key, Dixy, and Land.

There you can generally buy everything you need – fresh fruit and vegetable, meat, fish or poultry, as well as dairy products, fresh bread and pastry. If you need any toiletry or other household accessories, you can also purchase them in big or small shopping malls.

buying food in st petersburg

Fresh markets

If you prefer shopping on the markets or buy some crafted food or items, there are several places in St Petersburg for these purposes. The markets are well-known for their special atmosphere, but it’s beneficial to know Russian or have some Russian person with you. Also keep a close eye on your belongings, such crowded places might attract pickpockets.

Here are some fresh markets you might want to visit:

Buying Alcohol

If you want to buy some alcoholic drinks, remember to have an ID to prove your age is above 21. The time of selling strong alcohol in Russia is strictly stated, so it is prohibited to sell it from 10 pm to 11 am. You can purchase alcoholic beverages, wine, vodka etc. in special shops as well as at big stores.

In case you have any questions about shopping in St Petersburg, leave a comment below or write me directly.