Enjoying art and not being bored is sometimes a difficult task. But if you want to make your museum visits more exciting and memorable, check out the advice below. Sometimes the simplest things can be very helpful.

1. Do not try to view everything at once

If you have chosen a sufficiently large museum, I advise you to decide what you want to see. And after seeing what you really like, you can get acquainted with new masterpieces, if you still have some energy.

2. Use museum audio guides

woman with audio guide in the museum

Museums often sell entrance tickets without excursion service. In this case, the best decision will be to use the audio guide. First, you will not depend on the group, you do not need to stand in a crowd and to listen to the words of the guide.

Also, the audio guide will allow you to find out information about those exhibits that you are interested in. So you can not be distracted by unnecessary information.

3. Chat with other visitors and museum curators

woman with children in the museum

Of course, people usually walk in museums silently, but communication with other people can enrich your visit of museum. For example, by starting conversation with a stranger who is standing nearby and looking at the same picture, you can learn from him more about this piece of art. Or it will help you to unravel the secrets of art together.

If you are a very shy person, then you can invite a friend or a child to go with you. By the way, contrary to the prevailing stereotype that children are extremely bored in museums, they will be able to stimulate interest in the works of art even more. Children always ask so many questions “why”, so answering their questions, you yourself unwind the tangle of art puzzles.

4. Go to museum events

Visiting thematic events will be a good acquaintance with the museum. For example, there are lectures, meetings and concerts in the Hermitage. And Russian ethnographic museum has its own crafts school and lectures.

lecture in the museum

5. Go to a museum shop

There are rare materials in the shops at museums that are difficult to find in other places. So, you can take a book before the excursion and read a fragment right in front of the exhibit. Or it may push you to come the second time and have a look at art from a different angle.

book shop in the museum

And don’t forget about me

Choose a good professional guide, who will tell you interesting and detailed information about all the exhibits. Then your visit to the museum will be really exciting and unforgettable.

anna gaplichnaya sea

You are very lucky, if you thought to find a professional English-speaking guide in St. Petersburg. You have already found it, it’s me. Just contact me, if you would like to visit any museums in the northern capital of Russia. I will be glad to make your museum visit fascinating and memorable.