I personally like learning something new. Exploring unusual facts, wonderful places and interesting people is always a pleasure and pure joy. For instance, I am into checking travel blogs. Especially, during the time of worldwide “staying home” trend. Pretty much it is possible to travel all over the world by simply staying at home on a sofa and browsing through the web.

Considering the fact, that most likely you are also a fan of acquiring new knowledge and travelling, I’d like to share with you several travel blogs that I personally find exciting and engaging to read.

By the way, if you have any recommendations to me, please do not hesitate to contact me. And also check special free virtual tours around St Petersburg that I’ve been preparing for you!

Travel blog recs

The blog of Dimi is a cool blog by Dimitrios, originally from Athens, Greece. Dimi is a true creator with a range of hobbies, interesting stories to tell and photos and videos to share. I love his approach to blogging and enjoy a simple, yet very attractive means of conveying ideas. I found Dimi’s blog when checking stories of foreigners in Saint Petersburg, and since then.. well, I am a fan!

Check Dimitrios’s blog here

Neonbubble – quite a name, right? Again, this travel blog I found browsing though a traveller’s vision of Saint Petersbug, and this website grabbed my attention. These guys from Mark & Marie’s Travels focus on cruising. They share lots of useful travel insights and have many expert articles that will easy a trip planning process.

Learn more on Neonbubble blog

Bucketlistly Blog is a cool platform run by a travel blogger from Bangkok, Thailand who visited over 65 countries in 7 years. Pete’s blog is special as it presents useful info about different locations worldwide in a very attractive and engaging form. Thanks to Pete’s passion for storytelling, photography and video making, Bucketlistly has become one the travel blogs people love and I am among them!

Learn more about Bucketlistly Blog

Stingy Nomads is an awesome travel blog. Well, first of all, that’s how its owners possess it. Secondly, it is really so. Campbell and Alya are a full time travel couple who share their trip experience from 64 countries they have so far visited. If you are up to exploring some thrilling stories and places, their blog is a page must-check!

Read more on Stingy Nomads

Another amazing travel couple is Kach and Jonathan. These guys have a travel blog called Two Monkey Travel Group. How cool is that? Well, apart from the name, these travellers create high-quality content and share their adventures in a fun, knowledgeable and 100% immersing way. When reading their articles you vividly imagine sights and get necessary tips to plan your trip as well.

Two Monkey Travel Group is a must-see blog

Ladies, you probably gonna like the blog I’d like to mention further. I love its style, its message and definitely content. So my next travel blog recommendation is We Are Travel Girls which is “a global travel community created to inspire, connect, educate and empower female travellers around the world”. I could speak a lot about it, as this platform provides everything a female traveller might need – a range of articles, interviews, tips and other useful materials, e.g. on actual blogging.

Visit We Are Travel Girls

More blogs to come, so stay tuned!