Saint Petersburg, Russia has a great healthcare system. There are both public and private clinics, as well as a range of pharmacies and ambulance services. The aid principle depends on the health problem and its complicity and urgency, as well as the availability of travel insurance.

Below you can get familiar with the most common medical services provided in Saint Petersburg. For more detailed information about the city, feel to contact a private guide.


The Russian words for “ambulance” are “skoraya pomosch” (quick help). By saying this, you will make it clear that help is needed.

Remember the phone number of ambulance in Russia: 03
Other emergency contacts and details (opens in a new tab)”>are available here >

As a matter of fact, Russia provides free healthcare to both its citizens and guests. In case of emergency, there is no need to pay for treatment. But would be wise to say that sometimes it is better to approach a hospital yourself, rather than call for a doctor. One of the reasons is traffic jams that an ambulance car can get stuck in.

Another comment would be to address a private medical organization to avoid lines and extra exposure to possible inflectional diseases when, for example, staying in halls of public hospitals.

Thus, most likely you will have to be ready to pay to get fast and quality medical services when having a case of emergency.

Medical care 24/7

Several local private clinics have all necessary facilities as well as English speaking services and doctors, who are ready to assist you 24/7.

American Medical Clinic and Hospital is one of the largest diversified medical centres in Saint Petersburg that treats both children and adults.

Private ambulance: +7 (812) 33 600 03
Address: Moyka River Embankment 78

Euromed Clinic has many professionals to offer you help, as well as direct insurance billing that you can check on their website.

Contact number: +7 812 327 0301
Address: Suvorovsky Avenue 60

Lahta Clinic is a modern 24-hour multi-field medical and diagnostic center in Saint Petersburg.

Contact number: +7 (812) 426-72-15
Address: Savushkina Street 73

Scandinavia has 14 offices in different districts of Saint Petersburg and an international department working daily MON-FRI from 9:00 to 17:30.

Contact number: + 7 (812) 600-78-11


If your case if not that urgent or you know what kind of medication you need, go the any pharmacy. Likely, there are many of them in both central and suburban areas of Saint Petersburg.

You can recognize those buy a green cross symbol or a calling “АПТЕКА”.

The most widely-spread and popular drug store branches are 36.6, Peterburgskie Apteki, Raduga.

Some pharmacies of Saint Petersburg are open 24/7. Among them are Pharmacy Petrofarm – Nevsky Avenue 22, Nevis Pharmacy – Griboedov Channel Emb. 28/1.

Vaccinations and insurance

Although for some tourists Russia and particularly Saint Petersburg might look far and scary, it is still a well-developed area that keeps an eye on people’s well-being. The climate is also mild, which save travellers from taking extra preliminary measures.

There is no need to get vaccinations when coming to Russia.

However, you’ll definitely need a travel insurance if you plan a trip to Saint Petersburg. In fact, the majority of Russian embassies require you to buy travel insurance in order to get a visa. In some cases, the situation might not be strictly followed. However, for your own safeness, as stayed above, as well as maintaining the stated procedures, you better purchase the insurance.

Hope these information about medical services in Saint Petersburg was helpful. I wish you a safe trip to Russia, full of wonderful emotions and moments. Look forward to seeing you at any private guided tours!