A great national celebration is going to take place in Saint Petersburg on July, 28th. The holiday with the review of the Russian fleet first took place in 1939 and in 2006 the holiday became public rather than being only professional.

On this day the President and other dignitaries give speech, some are awarded with medals and diplomas. It’s also a tradition to have a concert on the Palace Square where popular Russian artists perform to the audience. This year is special, as it’s 80th anniversary of the holiday!

navy day in st petersburg

Navy Day 2019 Program

9:00 Official opening of the celebration at the cruiser Aurora

11:00-14:00 The Fleet parade on the Neva river

14:00-18:00 Open visits to the ships at Lieutenant Schmidt embenkment where icebreaker Krasin stands and at English Embankment

14:00-22:00 Concert program at the Palace square

22:30 Tremendous fireworks at Peter and Paul Fortress coastline

New ships and technologies that joined the fleet only in 2018 will be shown. The review will be led by the first Russian ship of the line “Poltava”. There you can also see the frigate “Admiral Kasatonov”, the corvette “Gremyashy”, the submarine “Kronstadt”, the minesweeper “Ivan Antonov”, all together 43 ships and submarines. There’ll be on-land part and the air force performance. 

Another part of the Navy day parade will take place at Kronstadt. Pay attention, the Blagoeshensky, Palace, Liteiny and Troitsky bridges will be raised in the daytime from 10:30 to 12:15, so the ships can move freely.

Have a wonderful celebration!