Staying inside without being able to travel? Quite a common case considering the fact that the world is going a bit unsocial, but still friendly during the times of COVID-19. I will not focus on this topic, as there are many discussions, worries and updates out there. But there is one thing that I definitely would like to share with you.

While you are locked up in your apartment, instead of visiting some nice places all over the world, there are great online museum tours for you to explore. Hope you enjoy these virtual excursions and get the most of these times!

Virtual Russian museum

Russian museum in Saint Petersburg has the largest collection of Russian art masterpieces. The guests of their online platform will get the most updated information about museum’s expositions. Everyone can walk along permanent and temporary (including completed ones) exhibitions in different parts of museum buildings. There are also online lectures and conferences, dedicated to art.

Last day of Pompei by Carl Bruyllov in State Russian Museum

Online Hermitage tour

The major Saint Petersburg museum in terms of visitors and applied technologies. Its virtual exhibitions provide fully immersed experience of walking along the museum halls of different complex buildings. It is possible to pick up any starting point of a tour and, apart from seeing the surroundings, also get detailed historical information.

Also check the Youtube channel of the Hermitage to learn more about arts and history, watch the interviews with restorers and museum keepers.

Hermitage Bible of Raphael

Virtual visit to Kunstkamera

Kunstkamera was the first museum of Saint Petersburg. It was also among the first Russian museums that got its website. There you can find a lot of useful materials and have an online tour along this cultural entity. In fact, the virtual collection of Kunstkamera has over 50 000 exponents in comparison to 8000 exponents in the museum at University Embankment. You can explore the collection being accompanied by guide’s descriptions.

Indian exposition in the Kunstkamera, St Petersburg

Erarta via Google Arts & Culture

It would be strange if contemporary art museum Erarta would not use modern technologies. In fact, everyone can explore the halls of museum over Google Arts & Culture platform. It is possible to freely move around and scale images to get every detail. It might be a bit hard to navigate around the museum if you have not been there. But consider it as an additional reason to visit museums of Saint Petersburg offline.

Cherry garden installation in Erarta Museum

These virtual museum tours should entertain you, at least for a while. As a matter of fact, visiting all these exhibitions would be impossible over the whole life. So that is actually beneficial to pick what you like to see and start exploring Saint Petersburg now. Also considering book a guided tour for your future journey to Russia!