Feel like staying up all night and exploring the nightlife of St Petersburg? Here are several bar options that you might like to consider.


Israeli street food bar where you can easily feel the atmosphere of Tel Aviv. Interior is authentic with antique-looking mirrors, ceiling fans and graffiti on walls.

Food and drinks are great. Apart from traditional hummus and falafel, there are many dishes that you can learn of from the waiter. The prices are affordable. Definitely worth visiting!

Address: Rubinstein Street 40/11

The Hat Bar

Classical American bar with live jam sessions. Come listen to jazz, grab a couple of cocktails and relax with friends. It is a styled standing jazz-bar of the 50s with no tables. Jazz-men gather here everyday to improvise and entertain themselves and the audience.

Entrance is free during the weekdays, on weekend you should pay a small fee. And no need for early booking, just gather friends and come!

Address: Belinskogo Street 9

Mishka Bar St Petersburg Russia
Photo taken from Bar Mishka

Mishka Bar

Nice cafe at daytime, popular club at night. Cheap alcohol and good quality authentic cocktails, as well as nice DJ-sets.

It’s actually considered as one of the best bars in St Petersburg, according to some ranking. No entrance fee, no booking, no live performances. Age: 18+

Address: Fontanka River Embankment 40

Lomonosov Bar

Three floors full of music, drinks and fun. Theme parties, karaoke, dance floor, hot show programs right in the centre of St Petersbug. This place is insanely alive at night, experience yourself!

Bar’s service include hookah, karaoke, several bars, dancing, strip, as well as Wi-fi (just in case you somehow get bored).

Address: Lomonosov Street 1

Coyote Ugly St Petersburg Russia
Photo taken from Coyote Ugly SPB

Coyote Ugly Bar

Well-known American show bar with great music and dances on the bar counter. It all started in 1993 when a former trade broker Lilliana Lovell opened the first bar in New York.

After the Hollywood movie “Coyote Ugly” in 2000, this place got super popular. And one of this anti-glam bars with dancing barmaids opened in St Petersburg. Visit and enjoy!

Address: Liteyniy Prospekt 57Б

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