New Year and Christmas are probably the most popular holidays in Russia. Apart from vast celebrations, beautiful decorations and the spirit of holiday, there is at least more plus of this season. It is a long period of days-off that people get together with festive mood, ongoing fireworks and dining. These are the January holidays in Russia.

So if you are up to doing some business in the country, better plan it to the second half of the month. Practically all privately-owned organization are closed, letting their employs relax and have a smooth start of a new year. From the economical perspective, that might be not the most logical thing to do, but from the moral and spiritual side – you’ll love it as well!

Of course, not all Russians enjoy 8-13 vacation days in the beginning of January. Representatives of a such profession as doctors, for instance, sometimes have even more work during the New Year holidays than on average. That’s statistics: as more people are on vacation, they spend more time outside and can hurt themselves. Fireworks at home might be also not the safest thing to do. Anyway, I hope you got the point 🙂

The length of official holidays depends on a total number of days-off during a year. This tradition to have an unplanned, but governmental-regulated vacation started in 2005. Thus, the state practically legalized the common tradition to rest after New Year celebration.

In fact, most of Saint Petersburg sights work during the vacation in January, but you are still advised to check the schedule before visiting this or that attraction. Also in case of questions, feel free to contact me right away!