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События, люди, явления

Чтобы понять город, узнайте больше о его истории. Итак, если вы планируете поездку в Санкт-Петербург, вот несколько важных и очень интересных исторических моментов Санкт-Петербурга, бывшего Ленинграда. Эпоха дворцовых переворотов в России, правление монархии, тяжелые и напряженные советские времена, блокада — все события и происшествия наложили свой отпечаток на нынешнюю жизнь города, его архитектуру, ценности и, конечно же, на людей. Прочтите о Санкт-Петербурге и посетите его, чтобы увидеть историю в реальной жизни.

Catherine 2 in St Petersburg Russia Екатерина Великая

Originally being a foreigner, Catherine II loved Russia and cared for the prosperity of its people. She ascended the throne as the result of the Palace Coup, she’s the longest ruling female leader. EARLY LIFE She was born in 1729 as Princess Sophie Auguste Friederike of Anhalt-Zerbst in Stettin, Prussia. Got home education, simultaneously studying […]

Bronze Horseman monument in St Petersburg Царь России: Петр Великий

A legendary person in the history of not only St Petersburg, but Russia as a whole. He was the one to introduce so many changes in the cultural, political and social life of the society that no other person so far could accomplish. EARLY LIFE Petr Alekseevich was born on June 9, 1672 and educated […]

throne hall in winter palace Дворцовые перевороты: интригующая эпоха в истории России

The epoch of Palace Coups is a period in the history of Russia from 1725 to 1762 when country governors changed as a result of conspiracy and actions of the guards ruled by the aristocracy or closest associates of Peter the Great. This term was suggested by Professor Kluychevsky who called this time period so, […]

Astoria hotel in St Petersburg Санкт-Петербург: город трех революций

Saint Petersburg has many unofficial names, such as the Northern Capital of Russia, North Venice, North Palmyra, open air museum. There’s one more name — the City of Three Revolutions. Here is the story behind this calling. Totally, there were three major revolutions in St Petersburg: The Russian Revolution of 1905-1907, the February Bourgeois Democratic […]

st peresburg history and dates История и цифры

Historical background The history of St Petersburg on the Neva banks begins approximately from the VIII century, when around 750 years in the lower Volkhov river was founded the settlement of Ladoga (now Staraya Ladoga). Quite quickly, it became a major, if not the largest, trade point in this region, since it was on the […]