St Petersburg is not always about sun and romantic white nights, especially when it comes to the beautiful autumn period. It actually rains sometimes. However, such weather brings more opportunities to explore the city and there are some locations and indoor activities in St Petersburg you might be interested in.

Eliseevy Merchants’ Shop

The story of this place right in the city center dates back to 1812. The place includes the oldest famous Russian grocery shop and several fancy restaurants. The interior of the Hall is very special, so you explore it while having a nice cup of tea or coffee with fresh baked pasty.

Address: Nevskiy Prospekt 56
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Botanic Garden. Photo taken from Instagram

St Petersburg Botanical Garden

The first Botanic Garden was founded in 1714 by the order of Peter the Great. These days it is one of the oldest botanic gardens of Russia that includes more than 13 000 species in the greenhouse. The collection includes rare and endangered plants. The garden is very beautiful and designed in English landscape style.

Address: Professora Popova Street 2
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Saint Petersburg Book Store

Located in the historical Singer House, it is the biggest and most popular book store and cultural centre of the city. Apart from books, there you can get souvenirs, toys and even food products. The building itself is designed in Art Nouveau style, so it stands out of the general layout of Nevsky Prospekt.

Address: Nevsky Prospekt 28A
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Book Store in St Petersburg Russia

Butterflies Garden Mindo

Get some tropical feelings in the Northern capital of Russia. In the garden you can see exotic butterflies that will boost your mood in case it went down a bit cause of the gloomy weather.

Address: Pravdy Street 12
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These are just some places that you can visit when it rains. Of course, Saint Petersburg is a city of museums and you can always go on a museum tour visiting the Hermitage, Winter Palace and other popular attractions.

During a rainy or cold day, it also will be a good idea to have a metro stations tour. So contact me!