Saint Petersburg is a wonderful city full of interesting sights and places with exciting history. If you want to see the real city — walk along its streets, explore the hidden places. St Petersburg, for instance, is known for its unusually-shaped courtyards. Some of them are closed and remind wells. So as you got it, today I’ll tell you more about so-called courtyard-wells of St Petersburg.

The idea to build houses with continuous facades belonged to Peter the Great. The price of the land in the city center was always increasing, so building U-shaped houses was not economically beneficial. As there was not enough land, buildings started to be placed close to each other.

Courtyard-well at Ryleeva Street in St Petersburg
Ryleeva Street. Photo taken from the website

Thereby, when strolling around the city you can see many arches and gates through which you can get into one of the so-called “courtyard-wells”.


If you would like to see some of the yards, you can book a guided tour or explore the following addresses:

* Fontanka River Embankment 92
* Ryleeva Street 21
* Malyy Prospekt of Petrograd side 1Б
* Barmaleeva Street 4
* Rubinshteyna Street 40
* Nevsky Prospekt 3
* Nekrasova Street 60
* Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street 11
* Fontannay Street 3
* Marata Street 57
* Kolomenskaya 5
* Kirochnaya Street 24
* Bronnitskaya Street 14
* Rubinshteyna Street 15-17
* Rubinshteyna Street 23
* Rubinshteyna Street 25
* Vosstaniya Street 22
* Mayakovskogo Street 36-38
* Rubinshteyna Street 27
* Tschaikovskogo Street 79
* Karavannaya Street 14

Griffin’s Tower. Photo taken from the website

Might be also interesting to visit Griffin’s Tower on 7th Line of V.O.16, but the area is closed with an intercom, so you’ll have to wait for the house residents to let you in the courtyard.

Some of these unusual sights of St Petersburg we can visit during a walking tour. Just drop me a direct message or contact via one of the preferred channels.