The history of the city is full of interesting facts. To get to know popular and unusual sights of Saint Petersburg, read this section. In order to learn something special, keep reading.

For instance, did you know that St Petersburg can be called a real tram capital? The thing is that its tram lines are over 600 km long. Actually, it was a world’s tram capital in the end of the 20th century, however, in 2007 my tram lines were taken away from the city centre.

Another transport related fact that you’d like to know. Saint Petersburg was the city with the first Russian railway — from Petersburg to Tsarskoe Selo. Later, the railway was expanded till Pavlovsk. The official opening took place in 1837.

And if speaking of transportation in Saint Petersburg, the underground system of the city is the deepest in the world. It consists of five lines and 72 stations, 8 out of which are considered the cultural heritage of Russia.

Some interesting facts about the geography go next. For example, about 10% of the whole city territory is covered with water — various rivers, ponds and lakes. In fact, there are 93 rivers and channels that are around 300 km long. If you thought why Saint Petersburg is called North Venice, that’s definitely the reason.

As of city’s infrastructure, the shortest street of Saint Petersburg is Kokushkin Pereulok. It takes only 30 m. In the meantime, Nevsky Prospekt is the warmest point of the city. Interestingly, some streets of the ancient city did not have names. This fact is proven by the historical maps.

Despite exciting and also tragic history, Saint Petersburg is a young city. It was established by Peter the Great in 1703. It all started from constructing Peter and Paul Fortress. 300 years later, St Petersburg is one of the most popular tourist destinations and also the 5th noisiest city in the world.

So, was that interesting? Contact me to learn more, and let’s have an awesome guided tour along the city streets and a boat ride in summertime.