After a long day exploring St Petersburg, it’s time to try some delicious meals of Russian cuisine. Below is the list of must-taste dishes. Some of them are special in Saint Petersburg, so try them out and then let me know how the meals were!


Leningrad Rassolnik: Includes pickled cucumbers or brine, meat, potatoes, carrots, onions and pearl barley.

Shchi: Cabbage in a meat broth is traditionally served with a spoonful of sour cream and rye bread.

Main course

Fried smelt (also known as «koruyshka»): Tasty small fish that is good both as a snack and as a main course.

Pirozhki, belyashi, egg and cheese pies, mushroom pies, liver pies, and cabbage pies — which one do you prefer?

Beef Stroganoff: Small beef pieces in a sour cream sauce with different vegetables often added into it.

Chicken Kiev: A stuffed chicken breast rolled in eggs and bread crumbs and then either fried or baked.

Pelmeni and Vareniki: Dumplings of different sizes and tastes. Pelmeni are with meat, while vareniki can be with various jams, cottage cheese.


Pyshkas: Hot airy little ring of dough, dusted with icing sugar.

Leningrad Cake Set «Lennabor»: Includes a cream puff, an eclair, a cream tube, sponge strips, patty shells with cream, and fondant cubes. If you aren’t travelling far, this set can be a very good eatable souvenir from Saint Petersburg.

To have some more desserts and taste the best coffee, read other articles of mine. So now, how do you like the menu? Have you already tasted any of these meals or want to have them during a guided tour?

The second option in more than possible, since we have a lunch break during, for instance, a city sightseeing tour. Details about other privately-guided tours are available on the website. Bon appetite and enjoy your trip!