Want to explore some other sights than the State Hermitage Museum and Peter and Paul Cathedral? Check some unusual places in the city center. They are unique in the origin and will broaden your knowledge on different topics. Plus, you’ll enjoy the time a lot!

Museum of Soviet Arcade Games

Visit a museum where you can play awesome arcade games from the Soviet times, such as «Morskoy Boi» (Battleship) and Snaiper-2! First, they are fun. Second, you’ll learn some historical facts about the entertaining side of USSR, get into the spirit of the past. The exposition includes over 40 units, with some of them actually working!

Address: Konyushennaya Square 2b
Open: Daily at 11:00-21:00

Yusupov Palace, view from Moyka River

Rasputin Museum

Learn more about the phenomenal personality of Grigory Rasputin, the spiritual friend of the last Emperor of Russia — Nicolas II. The exposition is open in the Yusupov palace, where Rasputin was killed on December 17, 1916. There is a lot of mystery around this murder, so the exposition will be even more interesting for those who are into mystical historical milestones.

Address: Moyka River Embankment 4
Open: Daily at 11:00-18:00

Museum of Hygiene

The museum was open in 1919 to popularize the medical and hygiene knowledge among population. It is located in the former palace of the favorite of Elizabeth Petrovna — Ivan Shuvalov. That is definitely a place to learn about human anatomy, infectious diseases and bad habits. The museum also has a cinema, which hosts lectures on contemporary hygiene issues.

Address: Italian Street 25
Open: Mon-Sat 10:00-18:00

Photo taken from the website

John Lennon Street

Are you a Beatles fan? Check this location, arranged by Nikolay Vasin — the leader of the Beatles movement in Russia. It’s not an official name of the street, but you can easily recognize it by an awesome graffiti in the arch — a yellow submarine. There are also four bas-relief sculptures of the band’s members. So you will not mix this place with something else.

Address: Ligovsky Prospekt 53

Hope you enjoy such an unusual excursion! Don’t forget to visit some must-see places in Saint Petersburg as well or let’s have a city tour together.