Turquoise round as a symbol of a cold and northern sun that shines in the city all year round, and a font with drawbridge elements conclude a new logo of Saint Petersburg. This design work got very controversial feedback.

It is suggested to use the logo on various billboards, published materials, souvenirs and in presentations. There are several options in Russian and English that are going to serve as the differentiating sign of the Northern Russian capital.

By the way, this logo of Saint Petersburg costs 7 million rubles. Although it was supposed to be published in 2018, it was presented to a wide audience only in November 2019 during the International Cultural Forum in St Petersburg.

Previous and new logo of Saint Petersburg.

The tourism committee of Saint Petersburg announced a contest to develop a city brand in September 2018. Later, the winner agency CEO said that developing a visual element took only 10% of the time. The rest was spent on supporting paper work.

By the way, the previous logo of Saint Petersburg was developed by the Art. Lebedev studio, and the budget was only 1 ruble. You could see it in all the advertising kiosk within the city, various banner, leaflets, souvenirs. For such materials you could and can visit information centers.