Are you travelling in Russia and planning to visit both Moscow and St Petersburg? Anyway, train is a very pleasant, safe and fast means of moving from one city to another. There are actually several trains, all of which are well-equipped, have restaurants, air-conditioning, toilets, wi-fi and whatever you actually might need during the trip.

Sapsan High-Speed Train

Modern train with catering onboard gain its popularity among business travellers and tourists. The way of 635 km will be covered in 3h 43m (St Petersburg-Moscow) and 3h 34m (Moscow-St Petersburg). You can choose seats from economy to premium class according to your budget, but either way the trip will be very nice, convenient and prompt.

Nevsky Express High-Speed Train

It is the first Russian high-speed train that reaches St Petersburg from Moscow in 4h. There are seating cars with 6 places compartments. Additional plus — meals are included in the ticket price. So your trip on Nevsky Express will be comfortable, rapid and quite economic!

sapsan st petersburg moscow

Luxury overnight trains

There are three high class trains that move in St Petersburg — Moscow (and opposite) direction: Grand Express, Red Arrow and Tolstoy.

If you are not so much in a rush and want to experience a night trip between the cities, then choose an option among these trains. First two travel in Russia, while Tolstoy commutes between Moscow and Helsinki with a stop in St Petersburg.

All trains are up-to-day with advanced design and technologies: tv, radio, wi-fi, shower. Professional staff will take care of your needs and assist in case of any questions. Dining is also included in the price. Pay attention, the prices might be a bit high for a budget traveller.

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