Sultanna Frantsuzova, the founder of Sultanna Frantsuzova brand, says, «To my thinking, our men are dressed worse than others. Sorry, but it’s a sad spectacle. Especially it concerns men in their 40s-50s.They have their own weird way of dressing that has nothing to do with fashion at all. Girls have a dress sense but don’t think of the fashion as they used to. If you come to the subway, you will see young men dressed according to international standards. Some of them can’t be distinguished from Europeans. When I come to different fairs and openings, I often notice a lot of well-dressed young men. It’s the thing with any country, I guess. After all, it doesn’t mean which country you are in. Seeing a bunch of well-tailored artists, actors, and poets is always inspiring.»

Nikita Moiseenko, the founder of Sorry I’m not brand noticed, «The fashion definition in Russia,  of  can be understood differently. I would divide it into several areas: Moscow, St. Petersburg and all the other regions. In St. Petersburg, people like European mode of dress more; they choose minimalism and an understated casual style. Due to it, Belgian designers are in the money. Moscow is more about brands. Muscovites choose bright things and pay great attention to the labels. In general, I can say that girls in Russia like to stand out from the crowd. It is important for them to look good at any time of the day. Sadly enough, men don’t think of the way they dress much.»

Victoria Andreyanova, the founder of Victoria Andreyanova brand also says, «Our men were brought up thinking that real men should not think of their appearance much. Therefore, most men that dress stylishly do this out of the need to follow the dress code. It would have been a different matter if it had concerned only clothes, but most Russian men also neglect their body, and thus, have a big beer bellies. I don’t want to talk about metrosexuals as I believe that in everything, there should be a happy medium. Russian women don’t have similar preferences, but most of them like to dress up for no reason.»

Katya Dobryakova, the founder and designer of Katya Dobryakova brand said, «In recent times, Muscovites began to dress better. Of course, many indulge themselves in all sorts of beach attributes such as too short shorts or clothes with really low cuts. But in general, today Russian girls dress more fashionably and stylishly than ever. Perhaps, it happens due to the fact that we have a lot of available mass-market brands that make collections of all catwalk hits.»


Victoria Andreyanova noted, «If you are a Russian woman and you have a big ass, you try to hide it. But in Brazil, you will have to hide the fact that you don’t have it. Ample curves are often accentuated by wearing leggings of eye-arresting colors. Men watch their figures. It is homage to beach fashion. And, correspondingly, if they get an opportunity, they show it to everyone. For example, they can wear tight-leg trousers and unbutton the shirt up to the navel.»


Natalia Valevskaya, the founder of the VALEVSKAYA fashion house, said «In England, all men and women choose business attire. There is also a rural style of clothes that they wear at home or when going to the country. However, it is strictly regimented. Its peculiarity is that things don’t have to be new. Wearing new clothes to the country is a sign of bad manners. Some men who hold important positions in society may give their new shoes to someone who could wear them in. Shirts can have frayed cuffs and collars. Ladies love to wear the famous English cotton flower-dotted clothes or dresses in the style of «the age of innocence». However, they aren’t afraid to add rocker accessories to the look. The British are inherently eccentric people. Most of them are travelers and conquerors, who dearly love and respect their origins and traditions. Perhaps, that is why fashion clothes come from London, are sublimated in Paris and retailed in Milan».


Sultanna Frantsuzova adds, «I’m not going to talk about the style of different European cities as it’s almost the same everywhere, only has slight nuances. Blame globalization for it. When the 788th in succession Zara or H&M store opens, it is difficult to find out who’s French and who’s German. The main difference between one European and another is clothes that are typical for a particular climate. The Danes and Germans are quite similar, but very different from southern Italians who live closer to the sea. These ones are more relaxed, but that is quite clear. No need to explain the difference between people living in climates where there are only ten hot days in the year, and those who live under the bright sun all year round.»

Katya Dobryakova notes, «At first sight, it seems that Parisian women dress casually but at the same time not deliberately sexy. It concerns not only their clothing but also hairstyle and makeup. Their looks are not vulgar. Girls often choose flat shoes, not high-heel ones. A French woman will rather choose classier court shoes. In France, there is nothing worse than looking overdressed and show everyone that you had spent the whole day dressing and getting ready. Everything should be casual.»

Nikita Moiseenko also notes, «Europe is large, so it’s impossible to say something about styles of different countries. The love for H&M and Zara unites all Europeans. The clothes should be plain and not mannered. Exceptions to this are cities like Paris or Milan. You can dress up and wear anything you want there. If you’re in Paris, don’t be afraid of experiments. The more exotic you look the better. For instance, in Rome, more often than not, men choose narrow-leg trousers, loafers on bare feet and white shirts».

Natalia Valevskaya adds, «It’s in Italian genes to dress well. Italians still choose business suits and red leather shoes. It’s a differential characteristic of men’s style. They also prefer colored shirts, ties, and scarves. Women adore gold, the color black and heels. They are bright, attractive and have dazzling smiles. Italian women study and build a career up to 40 years. After, they get married, have children and look gorgeous even in 80.

French women prefer disarray which is clearly seen in every part of the look, but this disarray is always super elegant. They are graceful and very thin; it’s their key to success. The French believe that having excess weight is a bad tone and somehow a laxity. That’s why they often wear skinny jeans, white shirts, trench coats or black leather jackets and high-heel sandals. Blue, gray and black colors are very common in clothing. The French easily mix vintage clothes with super trendy accessories. Men prefer wearing jeans and jackets; aristocrats like red slacks (loose fit trousers) which is their outstanding feature.»


Sultanna Frantsuzova says, «In Tel Aviv, the climate determines the way people dress. It is absolutely impossible to dress up when it’s 95 Fahrenheit (+35 Celsius) in the street. Herewith, Israeli people are dead nuts on Flip-flops Havaianas and black sack dresses. I call them «three holes»: two holes for arms and one for the head. That is, in fact, a finished outfit of a Tel Aviv woman. I’m actually quite surprised that such weird dresses cost fortunes. They are often sold by local designers.»


Katya Dobryakova notes, «In various states of America, people dress up absolutely differently. In Miami, there’s a cult of the body, so the girls dress rather openly and sometimes even vulgar. They choose short shorts, mini-skirts, and crop tops. Everyone’s used to the fact that Russian girls look defiantly, but here in Miami, it sticks out more. Au contraire, in New York, people dress up not so skimpy, albeit quite sexy. There are a lot of really stylish girls.»

Victoria Andreyanova adds, «Americans are impossible to analyze. The differences in clothes of big cities and small towns are huge. And in separate cities, the preferences in the clothes can be quite diverse. So if you want to brighten your day and find some new interesting clothes, come to the USA.»

Nikita Moiseenko said, «As for America, I can say that it’s not common there for girls to wear heels in the daytime. If you decided to do this, be ready that most Americans would think you are crazy. Of course, New York is always an exception. People can wear anything anytime there. In this regard, it’s the freest city.»


Victoria Andreyanova notes, «It seems like Chinese women fell greedily on fashion. The whole country was wearing unisex tunics and robes, but now, with the changes in an exchange rate, they can buy anything. Grandmothers buy clothes of well-known brands for their granddaughters, which sometimes can look amateurish. The tradition that sounds as «if you are rich, you have a big belly» is still alive. And even young guys, who still don’t have a beard, try to imitate it with their ways of walking. And the clothes correspond to this: the more impressive the better.»

Sultanna Frantsuzova says about China, «It’s the country of fake bags and New Balances! One in two girls from the nearby village have a Chanel bag that costs 100 Yuan and gel nails with sparkles. Basically, it’s the same with Russia. But frankly speaking, over the past ten years the Chinese have tremendously changed their opinions on fashion. And I see a lot of nice young men, dressed with a touch of class.»


Victoria Andreyanova talks about Japan, «Have you ever seen a movie where a rush hour on the streets of Tokyo is shown? All women wear beige coats and men — black ones. It’s not an exaggeration; they really are surprisingly unanimous concerning this matter. Fashion in Japan is even stronger than religion, and its commandments are respected unquestionably.»