There is a variety of boutiques, shops, stores, showrooms and malls in St Petersburg, where you can buy practically everything you need. Today you’ll learn about the oldest stores of St Petersburg which are still at your service on a daily basis.

The House of Books

Constructed in 1902-1904, the building first belonged to the branch of Singer Sewing Machine Corporation.

In 1919 the building was given to the publishing house and became the largest bookstore which operates up to nowadays. In Dom Knigi (Дом Книги: Russian name of the store) you can purchase books, souvenirs, porcelain, stationery, snacks and postcards.

Address: Nevsky Prospect 28

Dom Knigi in St Petersburg Russia

Pharmacy of Dr Pel and Sons

The entity under this name opened in 1907, although the first pharmacy appeared there already in 1760. Interestingly, this venture supplied the imperial court with medications. The pharmacy even worked during the Siege of Leningrad. Nowadays it is still open and works also as a museum. offering special tours.

Address: 7th Line of Vasilievsky Island, 16-18


Open in 1848 it was a great shopping gallery with stocks on the first floor, shops on the second and living flats on the third floor.

Passage on Nevsky prospect is located in the heart of stunning St Petersburg, one of its popular sights, business and entertaining centers. Nowadays the mall includes the branded departments, cafes and offices.

Address: Nevsky Prospect 48

Passage in St Petersburg Russia

Gostiny Dvor

Initially it was supposed to be the largest trade premise of the Russian Empire.

Gostiny Dvor was open in 1785, and currently the building belongs to the Ministry of Culture. There are more than 3000 companies, 170 000 varieties of goods. Shops, cafes, atelier, exhibition of wax sculptures, as well as a subway metro station are located on its area.

Address: Nevsky Prospect 35

Confectionery “Sever”

The bakery appeared in 1903. It belonged to the merchant Feodor Krymzenkov and was very popular among city residents, as offered very fresh pastry and dessert made right on the spot.

The name «Nord» the bakery got in 1936. In the middle of the 20th century, an outstanding woman, a confectioner — Victoria Tatarskaya developed a wide range of sweets that are still very popular, e.g. cakes «Sever» (the North) and «Leningradskoe».

Nowadays you can taste there famous cakes, biscuits and rolls in this and other branded cafes around the city.

Address: Nevsky Prospect 44

Since all the places are located right in the city center, they are easy to visit during a walking tour. Book it right away and let’s explore St Petersburg together!