Are you into nightlife activities? Feel like experiencing Saint Petersburg way of having fun at night? If yes, this article is definitely for you! After checking some locations myself, and gathering many reviews of others, I am happy to present you a list of cool dance and night clubs of Saint Petersburg!

Before getting into more detail, also recommend you checking a popular list of Saint Petersburg bars that was made earlier.

Live Music Club Akakao. Photo is taken from the website

But now here we are with some hot night spots of the city that never sleeps, as Petersburg is. Pay attention that all of the places are quite popular. In fact, they might be quite crowded, especially during Friday-Sunday. Luckily, since all of them are located in the city centre, it will be easy to go to another place if the one you go first is full.


One of the key Saint Petersburg nightlife locations. The club promotes different underground electronic music and organizes weekend parties with emerging Russian and foreign independent musicians from all over the world.

The club is called after Andrey Stackenschneider — Russian architect who lived in Saint Petersburg in the 19th century. The architect designed the house at Millionnaya street that was the first residence for Stackenschneider club.

Address: Konyushennaya Square, 2
Official website

AKAKAO Live Music

This platform hosts many awesome concerts of Russian and foreign performers. It is actually one of the largest bars of Saint Petersburg. The place has become very popular thanks to its various styled parties — mashup, house, indie and dip.

There are several spacious halls for dining, dancing and chilling. One of them has a large stage to host live music concerts. Check the performance program on their website.

Address: Griboedov Channel Emb. 7
Official website


Welcome to a popular nightlife venue of Saint Petersburg, organized by the owners of another legendary spot of the city — Mishka bar. The place can accommodate up to 2000 people, so just imagine the scale.

Before 23:00 you can have a pleasant dinner there, and after — enjoy an entertaining program by one of local or guest DJs. There is even a basketball field in the yard of the nightclub.

Address: Konyushennaya Square, 2A
Official website

Scandal Bar

Four floors of entertainments for those who love relaxing to the fullest and going wild at times. There are karaoke, drive mash-up, go-go’s, incendiary dances on a bar counter and cozy lounge zones. Scandal Bar gathered all the favourite nightclub traditions in one place.

Address: Lomonosov Street 2
Official website


This is a true symbol of club, night and bar culture of Saint Petersburg that’s been working over 10 years. It’s fun and adventurous place, where every guest will find something for himself.

Every day the club is crowded. It holds hot parties, dance nights and non-stop fun from dusk to dawn. To say, Nebar has been widely recognized in Russia and got many awards, like «Discovery of the Year», «Best club project» and «Best Bar».

Address: Liteyny Prospekt 57
Official website

Enjoy your stay and the night clubs in Saint Petersburg, and don’t forget to learn more about the city and its daytime attractions, if saying so 🙂