How about an exciting trip to one of the most cities of the world with your family? It will be unforgettable! Kids will love it St Petersburg, so here are some attractions to visit and things to do.

Leningrad Zoo

Leningrad zoo is the second largest zoo in Russia with 2000 animals of 401 species. Apart from seeing animals and being immersed in the world of nature, kids can learn to ride a pony there, while happy parents take photos with no extra payment.

The zoo is open for visits all year round. In summer most of the animals are in the outside enclosures, while in winter all temperature-sensitive zoo inhabitants are moved to the inside heated areas.

Address: Alexandrovsky park 1

a child and a dolphin

St Petersburg Dolphinarium

A marine park open all year round. You’ll have fun watching shows with dolphins, sea lions and beluga whales. You can also swim with dolphins, but this activity should be agreed on in advance.

At times the dolphinarium offers discounts, you can more on their website (in Russian).

Address: Konstantinovsky prospect 19

Petrovskaya Akvatoria

Petrovskaya Akvatoria is the historical model of St Petersburg in a scale of 1 in 87, 500 m2.

The exhibition shows the reconstruction of the essential sights of St Petersburg and its suburbs of the 18th century — from Peter the Great to Catherine the Great times. With this scale model you can get a bird’s eye view on the city of old times!

Address: Malaya Morskaya str., 4/1

Petrovskaya Akvatoria Saint Petersburg
[photo taken from] Petrovskaya Akvatoria in Saint Petersburg


Perfect place to admire the universe, watch the stars, learn about astronomy and just have fun with children. There are also special performances and interactive games that youngsters and adults will enjoy!

The planetarium has several halls with different expositions, including an experiment lab, which are all interesting to visit.

Address: Alexandrovsky park 4

St Petersburg Dolls Museum

Come to watch a huge collection of hand-made dolls, soldiers, imaginary creatures — all from traditional folk to modern designed toys. Once being there you’ll get in a fairy-tale. Awesome!

The museum opened in 1999. It’s located in a two-storey building and includes 12 exposition rooms with Russian folk dolls, traditional holidays and customs, theatrical interiors, fairy tales and others.

Address: Kamskaya str., 8

There are, of course, other interesting locations in St Petersburg that you can read about in this section. For more information on city sightseeing, feel free to contact me directly!