Comfortable and a bit more expensive, in comparison to public transport, way of moving around the city is taxi.

You can easily get a cab via some mobile app or phone and it will reach you in app. 15-20 minutes. The minimum price is around $10 and it usually covers first 5 km of the trip, after that the fare is calculated based on the distance. Actually you can see the total cost per ride when booking a taxi.

Here are some official taxi services that you are recommended to you, since taking a “gypsy cab” might be a bit risky, especially if you don’t know the language well.

Photo taken from Taxi068

Petersburg Taxi 068

One of the largest service providers in Saint Petersburg with great recommendations and such advantages as high-quality service, professional drivers, individual approach to every client. It has special transfers to the Pulkovo airport and railway stations.

Phone: 8(800) 550-0-068, +7(812) 324-77-77
Official website


Apart from safe and comfortable ride, you’ll get 100 rub off for a first trip booked via a mobile app. Reliable cap service with the initial fare of 219 rub for the first 4 km.

If you want the taxi to meet you at the airport, you’ll need to pay extra 250 rub. Also you can ask for a minivan for up to 6 passenger.

Phone: +7(812) 777-1-777
Official website

Photo taken from Taxovichkof


Branded cars of white colour with green and yellow labeling are easy to note and safe to travel with. They combines low cost of transportation, convenience, high speed and VIP class elements in each car: free Wi-Fi during the trip, chargers for smartphones and terminals for bank cards.

Phone: 330-00-02
Official website

Welcome Taxi

English-speaking drivers will get you to a needed destination! The company fixed transfer fares and you can book up to 6 months in advance. The driver will wait for you at the airport holding a name sign.

Official website

If by chance you decided to flag a car on a street, be ready to state your destination clearly and agree on a price in advance.

Beware, the yellow sign on a car does not mean that it is an official taxi. So I’d suggest sticking to official service providers.

If you want to have a city tour, you can book a private guide and we’ll see the city riding a privately-owned car.