For about a century, there has been a fragment of the wall of the Moscow Kremlin in the center of St. Petersburg, puzzling Petersburgers, Muscovites, and other passers-by.

There is a place in St. Petersburg, next to which all the buildings of the eighteenth to nineteenth century seem modern. A view of it opens unexpectedly in the very center of the city, when going around the metro station «Alexander Nevsky Square». It is as if we find ourselves in ancient Moscow, since we are faced with a rather extensive fragment of the wall of the Moscow Kremlin, red brick, with turrets and arches. This wall is part of the temple architectural complex of the Theodore Icon of the Mother of God.

Moscow view in Saint Petersburg Russia

This temple is not old at all; it is about a hundred years old. It was built on the occasion of the centenary of the reign of the Romanov dynasty at the initiative of Alexander III. The idea of ​​the architect S.S. Krichinsky was to recreate in St. Petersburg a piece of Moscow, with a church in the style of the old Rostov city cathedrals, surrounded by a whole complex of buildings and monuments. The complex was supposed to symbolize unity, after troubled times, of Russian lands under the rule of the Romanov family.

This and other sights of Saint Petersburg has a great historical value and interesting story behind. Get familiar with place to see in St Petersburg and book a guided tour once the borders are open after the quarantine.