Дом Советов

Административное здание сталинских времен

The House of Soviets in Saint Petersburg is also called the Palace of Soviets. The Russian name is Dom Sovetov. It is a historical building in the Stalinist neoclassicism style, constructed in 1936-1941. It was designed by Noi Trotsky, Y.N. Lukin and Modest Shepilevsky. Back in the days, that was the greatest administrative building. Nowadays, the House accommodates a business centre.

Interesting facts

In the first part of the 20th century the square on Moskovsky Avenue stayed empty for a long time and was used for parades and public meetings. In 1936 it was decided to build the Leningrad House of Soviets that would be a new city centre.

Architects were chosen as a result of country-scale contest. They projected enormous House of Soviets that is at the composition centre of Moskovskaya Square.

The building has a rectangular shape and includes three large yards. There is an eight-storey building in the centre of the complex. It is adorned with a 14-column portico and a sculptural composition with a Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic emblem. Symmetric side five-storey wings also have protruding portico. Granite, marble and valuable wood were among materials used to build the House of Soviets.


The building was the largest administrative construction of the Soviet Union. It has about 700 offices and 11 conference-halls, including the Great Conference Hall for 3000 people. Inside the House was decorated with bas-relief, sculptures, friezes and columns.

During the Siege, the House of Soviets became an observation point for Leningrad front leaders. Several military bunkers around the building are still there and keep the memory of those legendary years.

After the Great Patriotic war, the House of Soviets allocated various scientific institutions, later a defensive organisation “The Leninets” moved there. Now the building is re-equipped as a business centre.

In 1970, a monument to Lenin was established in front of the building. That was the biggest one (16 m high) in Leningrad. In 2006, colorful fountains were launched on the square.

The House of Soviets is a part of the cultural heritage of Russia. It has historical value to the country and Saint Petersburg, in particular. It’s possible to view the House of Soviets on the way to/from the Pulkovo airport.

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Open all year round (for outdoor observation)

Общественный транспорт

Moskovsky Prospekt 212
Metro / Subway
Moskovskaya Square
13, 13А, 90, 114, 130, 150, 155, 156, 301
Moskovskaya Square
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