Гостиный двор

Гостевой дом

Gostiny Dvor is the historical Russian name for shopping galleries. It can be translated as a guest house or guest yard. Since ancient times, the word Gost’ (Guest) in Russia meant a merchant who came to trade. Therefore, both indoor markets and shopping arcades began to be called guest houses.

In the 18-19 centuries, the buildings of the main shopping malls of the cities began to be built with luxury and scope, they had similar architectural forms with repeating arches. And the main example of such buildings is the Big Gostiny Dvor of St. Petersburg, as it was and remains not only the largest and oldest shopping complex in the city, but also the oldest shopping arcade in Russia.

Gostiny Dvor in St Petersburg

It was built in 1785 according to the project of the architect Valen Delamot in the classicism style and is located at the intersection of the two main central streets of Sadovaya and Nevsky Prospekt. In fact, it occupies as much as a whole quarter with an area of ​​78,000 square meters, from the north and west it is limited to Lomonosov and Dumskaya streets. The main facade with the main entrance, of course, opens onto the main central street Nevsky Prospekt opposite another historic city department store called Passage, built in 1848.

In the 19th century, in the Gostiny Dvor one could buy everything that was produced in then-Russia and abroad; No wonder they said that Gostiny Dvor always “set the tone.» The guest house was visited by wealthy dignitaries and nobles, secular beauties and poor students, as well as famous artists, writers, poets.

Also today, the Big Gostiny Dvor is a dynamically developing trading enterprise. In its trading floors with a length of 2 kilometers more than three thousand Russian and foreign firms present their products; there are about 170 thousand varieties of goods in the assortment, and about two million units of goods are on sale.

In 1967, a small part of the territory of the Gostiny Dvor was given over to the lobby of the Gostiny Dvor metro station of the third line with the passage to the Nevsky Prospekt metro station of the second line and the entrance immediately to the trading floor.

Visit to the halls to the left of the main entrance, where souvenirs and objects of traditional applied arts of Russia are presented, will be especially relevant for city guests.

Gostiny Dvor (Guest Yard) is a part of my tours

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