Парк 300-летия Санкт-Петербурга

На берегу Финского залива

Welcome to the newest park of Saint Petersburg that has a spectacular range of opportunities for entertaining and relaxing time spending. The park of the 300th anniversary of Saint Petersburg is a very green area that is perfect for long walks. There you can enjoy sea breathe and beach laying during warm summer days. There are also many active attractions. The park is a unique venue for celebrating many public holidays.

It was founded in 1995 to commemorate the historical «birthday» of the city. Park’s initial square was 89 ha. But after giving a part of its lands to the creation of entertaining centers, the territory decreased to 54,2 ha. The park for open for visits in 2003.

Nature lovers will enjoy a bunch of various tree types and glowers. For instance, there are many apple tree presented to Saint Petersburg by Helsinki, Finland. The greenness of the area is beautifully diluted by pools and fountains. The park has its main sights — «Happy monument» and a lighthouse.

The former attraction is a monument of Francisco de Miranda, national hero of Venezuela, donated to Russia by President Hugo Chavez. It is being said that it brings happiness to newlyweds. If a couple rubs the left shoe of the monument, the family life will be calm and joyful.

The lighthouse is, in fact, a granite column with its tiers symbolizing three centuries of Saint Petersburg.

Park beach view

The park of 300th anniversary of Saint Petersburg is situated on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. That is why, there you can find everything necessary for beach vacation: sea air, the sun, amazing landscapes, a volleyball zone, bicycle and segway rental offices. However, swimming is prohibited.

The lovers of active pastime can visit the aquapark Piterland. Try surfing and diving, enjoy swimming in a wave pool or riding different water slides and many other activities. A nice bonus is that territory of the park is covered with a free unlimited WiFi.

300 Saint Petersburg anniversary park is also a common venue for celebrating country and city holidays. For instance, the Victory Day, International Children’s Day, Maslenitsa and other.  Sports events as well as various cultural moves and flashmobs are also quite popular there.

In winter the park is also open to all the visitors. It is very nice to walk or ski around the area. Children especially love sledging.

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Primorsky Prospekt 74
Metro / Subway
Primorsky Prpspekt 147134A, 134Б
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Begovaya Street StationK-132, K-232/308, K-690


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