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Pikalov bridge (Russian: Pikalov most) across Griboedov canal is located along Kryukov Embankment. It connects Kolomensky and Pokrovsky islands. Unique and unusual crossing of Kryukov and Griboedov canals contributed to the creation of a beautiful Seven bridges spot. The bridge is situated close to Saint Nicholas Naval Cathedral. It is a very popular tourist attraction that can be visited during a private guided tour.

Initially Pikalov bridge was called Pereshivkin, thanks to a close-by public bar. Modern name of the bridge came from a surname of its constructor. By the way, names of its designers are not known.

Water view on the Pikalov bridge in Saint Petersburg

The bridge, built in 1783-1785, was made of wood and had stone basis. In the middle of the 19th century, a raising middle span was replaced by a permanent construction. In 1906, wooden spans were replaced by stoned ones. Pikalov bridge became typical and had three spans, stone pillars covered with granite. Middle pillars of the crossing were adorned with granite obelisks with golden spheres on top.  The bridge became 23,2 m long and 10,6 m wide.

After the Siege, damaged parts of the bridge were restored, and new lanterns were established there. In 1982-1984, the bridge was totally refurbished according to the design project of L. Sobolev and R. Shipov.

Importantly, Pikalov bridge saved its initial look to the present day. It is the only case among all the bridges across Griboedov Canal, built in the 1780s. That is why, it is a valuable architectural monument of the 18th century. Apart from that, you can see six bridges from the Pikalov crossing. These are Krasnogvardeisky, Mogilevsky, Novo-Nikolsky, Kashin, Smezhny and Staro-Nikolsky bridges.

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