Площадь Ленина

Рядом с железнодорожным вокзалом Финляндии

Lenin Square is located in a comfortable traffic intersection between Finland Railway Station and the Neva river.

History in brief

Up to the 18th century, that area was called “The wolf’s field”. It was a cattle pasture and a city dump. A part of it was given to an artillery department and gradually got equipped with a military camp and a polygon. The first buildings on the site belonged to Mikhailovsky Artillery School.

Construction of Liteyny bridge across the Neva enabled a great development of the area. The project by an architect P. Kuntchinsky assumed a one-storey building without any special adornment. Even the Imperial rooms had very modest design. The main idea was to have functional and comfortable passenger halls.

At the beginning, the railway station caused many inconveniences to residents of Saint Petersburg. The problem related to the fact that towards the Vyborg side, railway lines were on the same level with ordinary city roads. The reconstruction took place only in the 20th century.

In the epoch of socialism development, Finland railway station was especially popular. Vladimir Lenin arrived in Petrograd right before the revolution, being dressed as a train fireman. That was on April 16, 1917. There, standing on an armored train car, Comrade Lenin addressed people with his historical speech. He claimed that the Bolshevik Party must apply armed forces to seize control over the governmental power, once Emperor Nicholas II abdicated the throne. 

Celebrating the anniversary of Revolution, in November 1926, a monument to Lenin erected close to Finland railway station. Lenin alley was founded there a year later. It spread from the station to Neva and ended on the place close to the Aurora cruiser.

After the Great Patriotic War, the area close to the station was reconstructed. In 1960 it was called Lenin Square (in Russian: Ploshchad Lenina). The square was built up with some public constructions. The parade downhill to Neva was established in 1970. In September 2005 Lenin square was decorated with musical fountains that surround the monument and create a very nice atmosphere.

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