Театр Юсуповского дворца

Бывший домашний театр Юсуповых

Petersburg is a city of theaters. Today there are more than a hundred. There are drama theaters and opera and ballet theaters, musical theaters and puppet theaters, philharmonic societies and chapels, pop and mime theaters, theater and concert venues. In their decoration — luxurious imperial and modestly democratic. But among them a special place is occupied by the home theater of the Yusupov princes.

This theater hall is a real gem in the series of interiors of the Yusupov Palace. Home theaters were very rare, and even more like this, made in compliance with all the canons of theater architecture. Equally rare is the safety of decor, painting, furniture and theater fabrics.

This theater is the third and last, created within the walls of the palace. The first was completed in the 1830s, then redone in the 1860s, and finally, led to perfection in the 1890s by architect A. Stepanov, who used the whole gamut of possibilities of the Rococo fantasy style. The fanciful ornamental pattern of gilded stucco is reinforced by the picturesque ceiling by artist E. Lipgart “Morning drives away night”.

The hall was designed for 180 people, all the chairs and sofas upholstered in red velvet, original late 19th century, horse hair and sea grass were used to stuff them. Pay attention to details of how perfectly stucco decoration around the perimeter of the room frames the backs of sofas. The curtain with the image of the Yusupov Arkhangelskoye estate near Moscow, which is manually lifted, has been preserved to this day. Above the stage in a medallion with a princely crown is a monogram of Princess Zinaida Yusupova.

This theater preserves the history of the golden age of Russian theater, vocalist Polina Viardo, ballerina Anna Pavlova, opera singer Fedor Chaliapin, musicians F. Liszt and F. Chopin shone here. Behind the conductor’s console were M. Glinka and A. Dargomyzhsky.

Musical salons and theatrical productions of the Yusupovs gathered famous and high-ranking guests, among whom were often members of the Russian imperial family.

And today the theater poster of the Yusupov Palace  is very diverse. Here you can listen to new productions of classical operas and sparkling operettas, see fragments of Russian ballets performed by leading artists of St. Petersburg, and theater performances for children.

Learn more about Yusupov Palace Theatre performances on the website >

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Информация об экскурсии


Museum openDaily 11:00-18:00
Ticket officeDaily 10:30-17:00

On the days of theatre events 10:30-19:00


Общественный транспорт

Dekabristov Street 21/ Moyka Embankment 94
Metro / Subway
Sadovaya, Spasskaya
Mariinsky Theatre6, 22, 71
Teatral'naya Square2, 3, 27, 50
Mariinsky TheatreK-1, K-169, K-306, K-6K
Teatral'naya SquareK-124, K-2, K-350, K-62




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