Are you already in St Petersburg and want to travel around, or just feel like getting to know the city closer? Anyway, the following information will be both useful an interesting.

There are five active railway stations in the city, and four of them are located close to the historical center. All of them have good transport commute and are up-to-date despite their age.

Moskovsky railway station

The majority of international trains arrive there. The station is located at Nevsky Prospekt, so if your hotel is in the city center around “Plochshad Vosstaniya”, “Vladmirovskaya”, “Dostoevkaya”, “Ligovsky prospekt” metro stations, it is easier to walk from the railway station.

The building of the station is a part of the cultural heritage of Russia. Interestingly, it is a «twin» railway station with the one in Moscow called Leningradsky railway station.

Address: Nevsky Prospekt 85

Ladozhsky railway station

Part of trains from northern direction as well as transit trains Moscow-Helsinki and Moscow-Murmansk arrive here. It’s the newest and most modern railway station of the Northern capital of Russia, which was built in 2003 in order to lower the traffic on Moskovsky and Finlandsky stations.

Address: Zanevsky Prospekt 73

Baltiysky railway station

This railway station is where you should go if want to travel to Peterhof, Oranienbaum and Gatchina. Built in 1857, annually this station attracts millions of tourists.

Address: Naberezhnaya Obvodnogo Kanala 120

Vitebsky railway station

It was built for the first Tsar railway, which makes it the first railway station in Russia. It is a very beautiful building, a true monument of St Petersburg that excites visitors with its architecture and interior.

Its former name is Tsarskoselsky that relates to the suburban area of Petersburg — Tsarksoe Selo. The first wooden construction was built in 1837. The current building of the railway station was erected in 1904.

Address: Zagorodny Prospekt 52

Finlandsky railway station

This station is known for the historical fact that Lenin arrived there from Finland on April 3, 1917 and performed in front of the audience. The monument on the adjoining square reminds this event, and, in fact, it is now called Lenin Square.

From this station you can travel to Finland, also Vyborg and Priozersk. Nowadays, speed trains Allegro between Helsinki and Saint Petersburg commute from/ to this railway station.

Address: Ploshchad Lenina 6E

So, as you can see, each of the stations has something special, so all of them can be visited just to see the architecture and learn interesting historical facts. The best way to do so — to book a city tour, so contact me and let’s plan a trip together!