1. City celebrations
    • Palace square
    • Sennaya Ploschad (Sennaya square)
    • Nevsky Prospekt
  2. Banquets in restaurants and hotels
  3. Tours
  4. Skating rinks and ski tracks
  5. Celebrating New Year’s Day on the ship

Saint Petersburg is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. That is why a lot of people from different countries come here looking for a true miracle. During the New Year holidays in St Petersburg, their number significantly increases, as, in this period, the beauty of the architecture and the special atmosphere are complemented by magical lights and lots of events.
New Year celebration in St. Petersburg will be a wonderful gift both for the residents of this city and for visitors from different regions of Russia. Officially, the table of events is ready in advance so those who think through and plan their vacation in a good time can already learn about the upcoming events, accommodations, organized tours, and places where events take place to celebrate the New Year’s Eve 2019 in Saint-Petersburg.

City celebrations

The organizing committee, which makes up the concept of Saint-Petersburg New Year events, has announced that making all programs omni-purpose, which have already been approved and are in the stage of organization, is at the top of the agenda. They are arranged in such a way that would interest children, youngsters, senior citizens, single people, families, and large companies/groups. The most important thing is that the events should be up-to-date and must emphasize the Russian charm, inherent in the Northern capital.
A lot of dancing groups, singers and even celebrities will take part in the events. The organizers have not revealed all the secrets yet, but they say that there will be both Russian stars and the world-class celebrities. In more than 35 places in the city, the fireworks and pyrotechnics will be launched. So the colored lights will be seen in every part of the city.

In most areas, where the celebrations will take place, the vehicular traffic will be stopped. So it’s important to think in advance about the ways to get there and the places to park a car.

Palace Square

Mass festivities are traditionally held on Palace Square. The official program will start at 8 pm. Here the New Year’s tree will stand. Its decoration and illumination are becoming more stylish and picturesque year by year. That is why people who come here for the New Year, will experience unforgettable emotions and make photos of an incredible beauty.

On New Year’s Day, the Palace Square becomes the most crowded place in St. Petersburg, and at the same time, the most cheerful place where the public can meet Ded Moroz, The Snow Maiden and a lot of modern folk and fairy tale characters. A large area is reserved for the fair, where traditional products from different regions of Russia and the usual winter dishes will be sold. Among them are blinis, uzvar (stewed fruit), tea, meat dishes, etc.

At 10 pm, the gala concert will start. There, the St. Petersburg leaders will congratulate the guests of the city, and after this, there will be entertainment show featuring singing, dancing and circus groups. It is planned to make a huge disco with a modern light show.

At 12 am, there will be the greatest fireworks show that will last for more than 10 minutes. The organizers promise that no one has seen such magnificent fireworks before.

The main part of the events will continue until 3 o’clock at night (January 1). Then, the noisy all-comers and performances will be over. But for arduous people, some events will also be held and take place until the early hours.

Sennaya Ploschad (Sennaya Square)

Here, the large-scale theatrical performances with the best actors in the country will be held. All spectators and guests of the show will take part in the performance. Moreover, everyone will be able to buy a memorable gift at the numerous itinerant trade stalls. There will also be free treats for adults and children, among which are sweets, bubliks (soft ring-shaped rolls), and cakes. The children will be happy to see snowmen, hares, and foxes giving out glasses of tea.

Nevsky Prospekt

In the heart of the city, various all-comers and dances for the little ones will be held. At approximately 12 am, there will be a special romantic program for loving couples who have a common heartbeat.

Groups and representatives of the original genres will be performing onstage. Concert groups from Russia, France, the Netherlands, Germany, and other countries will come to congratulate the town dwellers. Breathtaking events will also take place on Gostiny Dvor, Malaya Konyushennaya Ulitsa (Little Stable Street), Kazanskaya Ploshchad (Kazan Square), Moskovskaya Ploshchad (Moscow Square), Pionerskaya Ploshchad (Pioneer Square), Ploshchad Ostrovskogo (Ostrovsky Square), Troitsky and Palace bridges, Passage (department store), and Vasilevsky, Yelagin islands. On each of them, there will be a New Year tree and a New Year program.

Banquets in restaurants and hotels

Free buses will be transporting people from place to place so that they could compare the design of the trees and stay wherever they think the program is more interesting.

A huge number of hotels, cafes, and restaurants will be open on New Year Eve. It will help busy people enjoy holidays if they had no time to cook dishes or just want to have a good time.

For visitors that want to stay in the city for a while, booking a room in a hotel will be the best option. The rooms should be booked in advance as the prices for them increase from day to day.

One can find a public place that would be perfect for him/her. It can be a loud or quiet modern café. Among restaurants and hotels where they will celebrate New Year’s Day on a large scale are Boutique Hotel 1852, Pestel Inn, Indigo Tchaikovsky, Lotte, etc. The prices might be up to 20 thousand rubles, but it’s possible to find places which price does not exceed 5 thousand.


Saint Petersburg visitors should think about the opportunity to get a tour around the city, during which they will take part in the celebration and come to know the city itself. The tour may be short or may take the whole Christmas vacation.

There are various tours among which are cultural, historical or religious ones. The Northern capital has a huge number of spectacular places of interest. It would be really exciting to find out some details about them. The price for of such tours depends on the program, type of accommodation and tour duration. Various travel agencies may help you choose the most interesting one for you. The cost may be from 5 to 40 thousand rubles. The essential point to remember is that if you book a ticket in advance, the prices may be rather low, so don’t put it away for later.

Skating rinks and ski tracks

For those who prefer active leisure, a lot of places will be opened. There you will enjoy a festive atmosphere and at the same time can skate or ski. Free and paid ranks will take place in Tauride garden, Yubileyny Sports Palace, Grand Canyon Ice rank, «Spartak» stadium, On-center rank, and Ice – park.

Ski slopes and resorts will work depending on weather conditions, so better check the schedule of events shortly before the New Year’s Day. The main places for skiers in the festive night will be Tauride garden, Udelniy Park, Sosnovka Park, Ohta-park, Krasnoe Ozero and Igora resorts, Alexandria Park, Ski Time in Pargolovo, and Yelagin Island.

Those who prefer unusual ways of entertainment will get an opportunity to ride in a sleigh pulled by dogs.

Celebrating New Year’s Day on the ship

Perhaps, the most romantic way to celebrate the New Year in St. Petersburg is to set sail on the Baltic Sea or Lake Ladoga. Various companies and tour agencies provide the opportunity to plunge into New Year atmosphere on board. Ded Moroz and The Snow Maiden will certainly come to such party.

Some tour operators offer cruises that take a few days. During them, people may visit Baltic countries or Finland. Most agencies are already selling tickets for the ships. The prices vary from 7 to 40 thousand rubles that include visiting several cities and towns.

Saint Petersburg is a perfect city to celebrate the New Year’s Day 2019. We promise you that you will remember such trip for the end of your days! A combination of grandeur, modernity and cultural-historical heritage will meet the expectations of both demanding people and those who just want to have fun welcoming in the New Year.