Get gifts from Russia that your friends or relatives will love. That’s easy, as there are so many options! What’s the first souvenir that comes to your mind?

Matreshka Doll

Might be cliché, but still a nice souvenir, especially if you buy a nice set of dolls made in Russia. Those are more expensive than low-cost Chinese alternatives and are sold in special shops or bookstores. One of good places for purchasing souvenirs in St Petersburg is Singer House on Nevsky Prospect.


Very beautifully decorated wooden pieces with red and gold patterns, inspired by the nature itself. Although this craft originated in Nizhny Novgorod, it is still well-recognized as a souvenir from all over Russia and St Petersburg, in particular. Among the khokhloma goods are various kitchenware, like spoons, cups, pots and plates, all very authentic and unique.

Khokhloma gifts from St Petersburg Russia

Imperial Porcelain

Sounds fancy, right? That’s an exclusive item, especially known for its Cobalt net pattern that nowadays serves as the Imperial Porcelain factory’s trademark. You can purchase tea and coffee sets, dinnerware. Prices start from 15 USD, so if you want something special, yet not very expensive, check this option. The range of goods can be seen on their website.

Amber souvenirs and jewels

You might have heard of the Amber room in the Catherine Palace in Pushkin, and here is the good news. You can get your own piece or jewelry made of amber that is associated with health and prosper. Be careful with this gift, buy it from the authorized shops not to get a plastic article.

Amber elephant as a gift from St Petersburg

Fabergé Eggs Replica

Just something like 120 USD and you or any of your friends and relatives are the owners of Fabergé eggs. Why not? A very special present that reminds of the Easter Imperial Eggs, beautiful and all decorated with gems. You can also visit a museum and watch these masterpieces yourself, or book a tour to learn more about the exhibition and the city in general.

For dessert…

Vodka and Russian chocolate

Actually in St Petersburg you can visit both Chocolate and Russian vodka museums and learn a lot about the history and production of the products. Then pick the best options and present it to your dearest or use yourself.

During a walking tour around St Petersburg city center I’ll show you the best places for acquiring souvenirs, so book a time and let’s explore the city together!