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Tours and shore excursions with licensed guide

Private guided tours are always better than group ones. There is no need to rush, you can adjust a tour itinerary and visit sights and attractions that you wish. You can see places, ask questions and learn the most of St Petersburg in the most comfortable way and pace. You can choose one or several tours from the given range. Each excursion has its preset program that still can be edited upon your preferences, hourly-based rate and recommended number of hours. The length of each tour can also be adjusted. Personal tours in St Petersburg include walking and city sightseeing, visa free shore excursions, rivers and canals boat trips, one-, two- and three-day tours with visiting St Petersburg suburbs, and metro station exploring.

Personal tours around St. Petersburg will give you the opportunity to look at this city through the eyes of a specialist who knows the history of every corner! This city-museum literally keeps its history in every stone, and not learning about it means not knowing Petersburg for real. You will be as comfortable as possible, because the whole tour will take place at your own pace and rhythm! You can linger at each attraction as long as you want, plunging into the atmosphere of an amazing city.

Popular guided tours

Private excursions are sure to include visits to the most famous landmarks that make up the heart of the city. Here you cannot do without such architectural masterpieces as:

Museums can be visited without queues, as the guide usually purchases tickets in advance with the specified time of the visit. He/she will tell the history of each monument and the amazing legends about them. For those people who do not have a lot of time, there are one-day tours. Due to the close proximity of attractions, this day will be eventful and interesting. You can comfortably ride around the city in a rented car or minivan, as well as on foot using public transport or a taxi, if necessary.

Organizational details

During the preparation and discussion of the itinerary of individual tours, we’ll discuss the duration, cost, approximate route and all important details. We also set the place and time where the guide will meet you. Depending on your preferences, you can get around on foot, public transport, taxi or rented car with a driver. Payment is due at the end of the tour; advance fees may only apply for pre-purchased tickets to museums that are non-refundable during high season, such as the Catherine Palace.

What awaits you

In St. Petersburg, you will find a lot of impressions, the history of the great city, rich architecture, famous streets, a network of canals and much more. An experienced guide will take you through all the streets, because each of them has its own history. The walking program is adjusted for each tourist individually. In addition to walking and car tours, there are also water cruises. Many will want to take a boat ride along the famous canals and listen to another piece of history about this hero-city. During the tours around St. Petersburg, travelers:

Moving independently, the tourist may not pay attention to the details that the guide will indicate. If you go down to the metro stations, you will see real royal chambers. It turns out that the city is also beautiful underground. Arriving in St. Petersburg from the end of May to the end of July, you can see the famous white nights, when it is light outside and you can continue walking overnight. At night, at certain hours, bridges are opened for the passage of water transport, which a lot of people come to see. An attraction is the view that opens on the water surface - the spire of the Peter and Paul Fortress rises directly from it to the sky. St. Petersburg does not sleep at night, until late the streets are also filled with people, there are free shows for the public, Peter I and Catherine walk around the Palace square, with whom you can take a picture as a souvenir.

Photos from the excursion

You can look at the spectacular photos of excursions that have already passed, the happy faces of the participants who received a lot of impressions and a lot of pleasure! And they have much more! Indeed, in St. Petersburg you can take pictures at every step and against the background of any building thanks to its majestic architecture.

Guest reviews

Feedback from tourists is the best indicator of the quality of tours. They are always enthusiastic, and first of all because St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, where you come across a sight at every step. It is always interesting and informative to walk on this, and if accompanied by a guide, then the walk will be simply priceless. Every tourist will take with him/her many unforgettable impressions. By the way, about the impressions! You can read about them in the reviews.

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