Russians are fond of watching TV, especially when it comes to the New Year season and 10 days that people officially spend off work. As one character from a popular Soviet cartoon series “Winter in Prostokvashino” said, a TV set is the main adornment of a New Year table. Apart from various special shows and concerts, there are many films across the channels that have already become traditional New Year movies in Russia. Today, I will share with you some Soviet pictures that you should definitely watch if you are interested in Russian way of perception.

The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy your bath!

It is a 1976 Soviet romantic comedy film directed by Eldar Ryazanov. It is a true classics of Russian cinematography that describes a peculiar situation on a New Year Eve. The story goes back to Brezhnev era and shows the similar patterns of architecture and general routine of that time.

In brief, a man from Moscow ends up in the flat in Leningrad on a New Year Eve. Being drunk who got on a plane and was even able to get into the flat, as the keys matched. Frankly, the addresses matched as well, but for a tiny detail – the city. What happens in the flat in Leningrad after its real owner – a beautiful young lady with a fiance – you’ll see in the movie.

It’s not just about the plot, but about all the tiny details – monologues, songs, even dishes on a holiday table.

Gentlemen of Fortune

Another Soviet comedy that is very popular and loved among Russians. That is a box-office hit of 1972. As of the plot, it is hilarious. Just imagine a criminal gang that escaped from prison being led by a kindergarten principal. The latter one gradually gets on the slang and manners of culprits, and the way of outside transformation with keeping the inner feelings of love, caring and tender is just interesting to watch.

Of course, there are many other touching and funny moments. So this movie, even not being about New Year, is still in the recommendation list.

Ivan Vasilievich Changes Professions

Most probably you heard of the Russian Tsar – Ivan the Terrible. The movie is basically about him, but him travelling between the past and future. It is another comedy, produced in the Soviet times, that still captures attention when shown on TV.

In fact, it is a Soviet sci-fi comedy with the elements of adventure and even a detective story. There are many wonderful characters played by famous Soviet movie stars. There are even special effects which just started back in time. So, add it to your watch list!

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