The New Year’s Eve is a very special time, especially for those who prefer spending it at home with family and friends. Frankly, it is not only about getting a holiday spirit, it is also about tasting delicious meals. Eating a lot of very different, though traditional holiday dishes. So how about learning some traditional Russian New Year dishes?

Today let’s get into a menu of a casual Russian. Below you’ll see the links to the recipes, in case you decide to vary your diet!

Olivier salad: Also known as the Russian salad, it was invented for the Hermitage restaurant in Moscow in the 1860s. The main ingredients include boiled potatoes, carrots, eggs, peas, ham and mayo.


Dressed herring: The Russian name would be “herring under a fur coat”. Don’t worry, it’s edible and, in fact, very tasty. The “coat” is made of boiled beetroot, carrot, potato and onion, all put in layers.


Sandwiches with red caviar and cream: No explanation needed here, it is just impossible to imagine a Russian New Year table without caviar.

Zalivnoe or aspic: Healthy food it is. No mayo. Instead the ingredients are set into a gelatin made from meat stock.


Main course with meat or poultry: This dinner is not just about salads and appetizers. There is definitely some space left for a main course. Some like having baked duck in apples, some are fond of pork or ham.

The drink of the night is champagne, while as for desserts many prefer cakes, such as Napoleon, Prague or Choux pastry.

All in all, the Russians prefer setting up a large table with various dishes and snacks. Usually people start celebrating a bit before midnight, and when the clock strikes twelve they fill in glasses of champagne, write a wish on a small piece of paper, burn it and put in the ashes in the glass. Then they drink it all, and everything should be done during the striking clock that defines the change of years.

If you are celebrating New Year in a restaurant in Saint Petersburg, you can also order these and other traditional holiday meals there. And to fully experience the festive spirit on the streets of the city, visit the Palace Square! Happy holidays!