Saint Petersburg is known for its magnificent architecture. Thanks to Peter the Great, the city was built according to the European standards. Italian, German and Dutch architectural traditions inspired many looks of the city on the Neva river.

Quite often Saint Petersburg is addressed as a cultural capital of Russia, since there you can see many wonderful architectural ensembles and monuments, museums, cathedrals and parks, created in a variety of styles that astound.

The city planning is thought-out, buildings’ heights, looks and sizes are well combined and stay in harmony. The designs manage to show the mentality of the past and present. The unique architectural composition of the city and its suburban area is very impressive and beautiful.

The central group of architectural buildings is very important for its artistic design features. The complex includes Peter and Paul Fortress, the Spit of Vasilievsky island, the Palace, Admiralty and University embankments and connected squares, as well as Nevsky Avenue.

In fact, the building of St Petersburg represent 15 different architectural styles. The majority of constructions relate to the baroque style of Peter and Elizabeth of the 18th century, classicism, the Empire style, modern, eclecticism and constructivism. There are also Renaissance Revival, Gothic Revival architectural buildings, the representatives of Russian style, monumentalism and constructivism. Petersburg also got a lot from the ancient world.

If you want to see the old city, go on a Saint Petersburg sightseeing city tour. In case you travel by a cruise ship, book a visa free tour. You’ll view the cultural centre of St Petersburg with its magnificent architectural ansembles.