That’s actually quite a question: “What to wear in winter in St Petersburg?” The weather seems to change quite a lot within several recent years, and instead of wintery and snowy landscapes Saint Petersburg region gets more of a European look in terms of snowless streets. Some trees even start to bloom, assuming that it might be spring. But…

Russia might be quite an unpredictable country (in terms of weather), and when you are planning your trip there, make sure you get warm winter clothes. So, here are some items you might need:

  • Woolen scarf, hat and gloves: Even if the temperature is around 0 degrees, it still might be very windy and freezing on the shores of the Neva river. These clothes will definitely make you feel warmer!
  • Cozy long sweater to cover your low back: Imagine having long walks around St Petersburg and the next day having a terrible back pain, so protect yourself from wind once again. The perfect solution will be having a high collar jumper.
  • Thermal underwear: That’s what you need in case of -15 degrees or lower. These clothes easily fit under usual jeans and shirts, so you’ll look casual and keep yourself away from cold.
  • Winter shoes is a must. Not sneakers, but real boots on a thick base. Apart from saving yourself from accidental falling on ice, you’ll stay warm. Woolen socks can be a good bonus!

Don’t bother yourself much on how you look in a crowd. Russian people dress differently, but the majority still prefer comfort and cold protection, when it comes to dressing in winter. Actually might be useful to have a multi-layer approach and have different piece of clothes that would fit this or that temperature during the day. Obviously, it is not only what you wear in winter, but how you wear clothes.

Hope you stay warm this winter and manage to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Russia anytime soon! Hurry up to book your tour around Saint Petersburg in winter/spring season, there are just several spots left.