Field of Mars

Memorial area of ​​St Petersburg eternal flame

This park complex is situated in the center of St Petersburg and is now known as a place for resting and doing sports. It’s not only beautiful and tidy, but also surrounded by a variety of popular city sights. The ensemble of the Marsovo field includes the Marble Palace, the Mikhailovsky Palace, Pavlovskie Barracks, Mikhailovsky and Summer Gardens.

The main sight – the memorial – is located in the central part of the park. It was founded in 1917 and dedicated to the victims of the February uprising. Many known revolutionists are buried here, e.g. M.S. Uritskiy, whose murder served as one of the premises to the Red Terror. Some civilians are also buried here.

The Eternal flame was lit up in the center of the memorial in 1957. It was the first of a kind monument in the Soviet Union. The fire from this flame spread to the Grave of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow and the Eternal flame of Glory in Novgorod.

Eternal Flame on Marsovo Field in St Petersburg

In summer 1942 the Marsovo field was totally covered with vegetable gardens to supply the besieged Leningrad, and on January 27th, 1944 special equipment for saluting the end of the Siege were allocated there.

These days, in the evenings various flash mobs and events take place, and everyone can join them.


Being one of the most beautiful parks in the Northern capital, the Field of Mars (Russian: Marsovo Pole) has a great and interesting background.

For a long time there was a huge swamp, but already in the beginning of the 18th century not far from it a summer residence of Peter the GreatSummer garden – was built. So the monarch ordered to dry the swamp and dig two canals to Neva and Moyka rivers. One canal was later engulfed, the second one still exists and is called Lebyazhia Kanavka.

The dried swamp turned into a rectangular-shaped island that started to be called the Amusement field (Russian: Poteshnoe Pole), as lots of public feasts were held there.


For a long time, several well-known Petersburg monuments were in the park. For instance, the statue of A.V. Suvorov was moved to the square, currently known as Suvorovskaya, only in 1818. Later the obelisk of Rumyantsev was also moved away from the Marsovo field.

During the reign of Catherine I the field was called the Tsarina’s Meadow due to its close proximity to the Palace of the Empress. Back in that time the field started to get its current look – alleys with nice lawns and fountains were established.

However, Catherine’s policy was not supported – over time the field turned into a place of parades and training. The reason for turning the field into the military exercise area was also the flood of 1777 that destroyed the architectural layout of the field.

The current name the field got in honor of the ancient Rome god of war in the beginning of the 19th century. The area also changed its name in 1918 to the Square of Revolution (Victims of the Revolution), as it served as a burial area for the dead in the February and October revolutions. The Soviet Party workers were buried here until 1933.

In 1944 after the end of the Siege the current name – the Field of Mars – was returned.

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