Gazprom Arena

The World Cup stadium in St Petersburg

This is one of the most up-to-date infrastructural constructions in Saint Petersburg, which is despite its short existence, is well-known worldwide. Zenit Arena, or as it is called starting from December 2018 – Gazprom Arena, is the greatest platform in St Petersburg, open all year round.

The first official match took place on April 22, 2017. However, the stadium got its popularity during the FIFA 2018. All in all, as a part of the international football cup there were eight matches, including semi-finals and a match for third place.

It is not only about football though. The platform can fit in up to 68 000 people at the same time. Gazprom Arena is definitely one of the best venues in Russia to host various concerts, shows and performances.


The arena has a sliding roof, which enables organizing events 365 days a year. Speaking of its infrastructure, there is a great restaurant catering and a lot of comfortable and multi-functional indoor spaces. The sight is easy to reach by underground. In fact, there are three metro stations close-by.

Gazprom Arena, designed by a Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa, is located on the Krestovsky island on the place of the former Kirov stadium. It took almost 10 years (2007- December 2016) to construct the platform. Initially, it was supposed to built it for 6.7 billion rubles. However, eventually it took about 42 billion rubles. So far, Zenit Arena is the most expensive stadium in Russia.

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Visits are possible according to the event program.

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