Must see historic sights in Saint Petersburg

St. Petersburg witnessed a lot of significant historical events. Actually, all history of the Russian Empire took place in this city on the Neva. That is why there are so many historic sights there. The Winter Palace, Peter and Paul’s Fortress, the Church of the Spilt Blood, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Tsarskoye Selo are only some of the most famous ones and and the list goes on. During my guided tours you will see all the most exciting and magnificent historic sights in Saint Petersburg.

hermitage flag of russia

The Winter Palace Saint Petersburg

Currently, St Petersburg Winter Palace constitutes a part of the architectural complex of one of the largest museums in the world – the State Hermitage museum. The Palace is situated in the heart of Saints Petersburg. Its southern facade, that incorporates the gates, which serve as the main entrance to the museum, faces the Palace…

Peter and Paul fortress top view

Peter and Paul fortress

Today, the inhabitants and guests of our noisy cosmopolitan city will find it hard to believe that approximately 300 years ago the Banks of the Neva River were covered with impassable swampy forests. 300 years is a moment for a city - St Petersburg is considerably younger than Moscow, Kiev, Kazan, Riga, Pskov or Veliky…


The Spilled Blood Church (Christ Resurrection)

The Cathedral of Resurrection of Christ is a monument of the Russian architecture in the spirit of romantic nationalism that dates back to the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries. It was built on the site at which on March 1st, 1861 the member of People’s Will party, Ignacy Hryniewiecki,…

Peterhof Great Palace

Peterhof city. Grand Palace and parks

Peterhof is the "world's capital of fountains", a tremendous extravaganza of water and gold, marble and bronze. Concentrated on its territory of 117.5 hectares (290 acres) are several palace ensembles (the Great Palace with the Upper Garden and Great Cascade, the Lower Park with the Monplaisir, Hermitage and Marley palaces) and more than 150 fountains…

Catherine Palace twilights

Pushkin city (The Tsarskoye selo). Catherine Palace

Immersed in greenery, friendly and cozy, this city - a suburb of St. Petersburg has a bright sonorous name - Pushkin since 1937, in connection with the 100th anniversary of the death of the Great Russian poet, who spent his youth here while studying at the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum. In the past, for almost two…