Icebreaker "Krasin"

The museum on water in Saint Petersburg

The icebreaker “Krasin” was built in 1916-1917 in England, in New Castle by the order of the Russian state. With the initial name “Svyatogor”, it was supposed as the most powerful Russian Arctic icebreaker that served for a couple of years and soon was drawn. In 1927, after the death of a Soviet diplomat who’d done a lot for a return of the icebreaker to Russia, it was called “Krasin”.

The icebreaker was restored, and in 1928 it got wide population all over the world for saving groups of people who were experienced a crush during the Italian expedition of Umberto Nobile on an airship. “Krasin” was able to reach the place first and help people. During the Great Patriotic war, the icebreaker escorted the allies during the Arctic trips.

The icebreaker served as a floating power station and conveyed ships along the North Sea route until 1972. In 1990, the ship had its last navigation around the ports of Europe.

Since 1992 the ship has served as a museum. It is the only icebreaker-museum in Russia, which is permanently located on the Lieutenant Smidt embankment in Saint Petersburg. The first exposition was open there in 1995, and in 2004 the icebreaker “Krasin” became a part of the Museum of the World Ocean.

Nowadays, the icebreaker is one of the most visited and recognized sights of Saint Petersburg.

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