Liteyny bridge

Also known as the Foundry bridge

Liteyny or Foundry bridge is the second permanent bridge, built in Saint Petersburg. It connects Liteyny Avenue with Academic Lebedev Street on the Vyborg side.


Initially there was the Blagoveshchenskaya crossing, created before the Emperor’s decision to found Saint Petersburg. The crossing operated only in winter time.

In 1786, a new pontoon bridge was built there and called Voskresensky. The crossing served for over 50 years. In 1849, the authorities of St Petersburg decided to disassemble Lineyny Dvor. They freed some space for expanding Lineyny Prospekt. Thus, Voskresensky bridge got a new name – Liteyny bridge.

After a rough ice drift of 1865, the crossing was torn off. As a result, a new permanent bridge was constructed by engineers A. Struve and A. Weiss. It’s a six-span bridge with a turning part next to the left shore of the Neva river.

The span was raised with the help of an windlass, activated by eight workers. Later it was changed to a water turbine, while a passage for ships opened after 20 minutes. This was the only bridge in Saint Petersburg with such a span raising system.


The construction had two types of railing:

  • Metal forged one with a simple pattern for a raising span;
  • Masterwork for other parts of the bridge. It was made according to the drawings of the architect Karl Rahau. The drawing included a crowned shield in the centre of every section with a scepter, sea and river anchors crossing. The shield is hold by two mermaids. In total, there were 546 sections established at the Liteyny bridge railing.

The bridge building cost 5,1 million rubles and appeared to be one and a half times greater than planned. The Liteyny bridge of 24,5 m wide and 396 m long was finished in 1879. That was the first time, when electric lanterns were used for lighting the bridge.

Interestingly, the bridge was called Alexandrovsky at its official opening. However, this name didn’t stay long and in 1917 the crossing got its historical name.

In 1964, Liteyny bridge was reconstructed. It became 10 m wider. The railings of five spans stayed the same, while new copies of the old ones were established on the raising section. Lanterns were also changed, so to create a harmonic view with other decoration elements.

Liteyny bridge is the one city guests cross when moving towards the central part of the city after arriving at the Finland railway station close to the Lenin Square.

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Liteyny bridge
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