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What to see in St. Petersburg

St Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities of Russia. It has a great variety of sights and attractions, all breath-taking and interesting to visit. Some of them are more famous, some are less, but still each of city and suburbs tourist destinations are worth seeing. Below you can find a list of places to visit in St Petersburg. There are churches and cathedrals, museums and monuments, palaces and parks, popular walking streets, squares and bridges, theatres. If you want to know more about these or other attractions, leave your request or book a private tour straight away.

Marsovo Field in St Petersburg

This park complex is situated in the center of St Petersburg and is now known as a place for resting and doing sports. It’s not only beautiful and tidy, but also surrounded by a variety of popular city sights. The ensemble of the Marsovo field…

The yellow building of Zoological museum is well seen from a boat.

The Zoological museum in Saint Petersburg is the largest one of a kind in Russia and among the greatest worldwide. Its history is connected to the creation of the Kunstkamera - the first Russian museum created by Peter the Great in 1714.  History Zoological museum…