Scale model museum «Petrovskaya Akvatoria»

Layout-theatre of St.Petersburg of the 18th century

The historical model theater “PETROVSKAYA AQUATORIA” is a new ambitious interactive project that has no analogues in Russia and abroad!


The PETROVSKAYA AQUATORIA model theater is located on the sixth floor of the “Admiral” shopping and entertainment complex, located above the lobby of the Admiralteyskaya metro station. On an area of ​​500 square meters a unique exposition is located – a model-reconstruction of the most significant objects of St. Petersburg of the 18th century, executed on a scale of 1:87.
The idea of ​​creating an interactive model museum “Petrovskaya Aquatoria” in St. Petersburg belongs to St. Petersburg businessmen Alexander Rubin and Igor Ravich. Artistic director of the project Mikhailov Grigory Vladimirovich Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.
Numerous specialists have worked on the creation of the model for more than two years: historians, architects, experts of the museum industry, modellers, theater artists, models and engineers. Along with the details of the layout, made in-house using laser cutting and engraving, 3D printing and 3D milling, a large volume of parts and elements are made by hand.

The model consists of several parts: Vasilievsky Island, Peter and Paul Fortress, Admiralty, Peterhof, Kronstadt, Oranienbaum (with the now lost Peterstadt fortress). The central part of the exposition is occupied by a bowl filled with water, depicting the water area of ​​the Neva and the Gulf of Finland, and along the perimeter there are models of architectural ensembles of St. Petersburg facing the water space.
The uniqueness of the exhibition of St. Petersburg museums lies in the fact that here you can see reconstructed, recreated buildings, monuments that have been lost or have come down to us, modified, they have been carefully studied from archival documents, engravings, descriptions of historians.

Moving objects, light, sound and visual effects, which make it possible to reliably reproduce the change of day and night, and changes in weather conditions, give particular interest to the exposition.
Each part of the model contains not only buildings and other architectural structures. Here you can also see scenes from the life of the townspeople of the 18th century, including the most interesting historical events, for example, the construction and launching of ships, the ride of Peter the Great on a ship, the walk of elephants on the streets of the capital, Anna Ioannovna’s Ice House with the wedding of dwarfs and interesting and little-known events. On the water surface you can see not only the movement of ships, but also historical naval battles.
Here you can see the movement of characters, carriages, ships, the change of seasons and time of day, hear the sounds of a miniature orchestra, gunshots on ships. Moreover, various scenarios are launched both according to the schedule and by special buttons. To implement these scenarios, we use our own patented developments.

The theater model carries not only an entertaining, but also a cognitive function! On the model “PETROVSKAYA AQUATORIA” you can study the history of architecture, navy, costume, life of reigning persons and ordinary townspeople! Only here you can see with your own eyes what we only read about in history textbooks. All projects were created in full accordance with the historical details of the realities of the 18th century.

Here are some curious facts about the layout

  • OVER 100 SHIPS
  • 25,000 CHARACTERS
  • 1,000 VEHICLES
  • MORE THAN 60,000 LEDS

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